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Lacking distinguishing qualities; not distinctive.

in′dis·tinc′tive·ly adv.


1. without distinctive qualities
2. unable to make distinctions; undiscriminating
ˌindisˈtinctively adv
ˌindisˈtinctiveness n


(ˌɪn dɪˈstɪŋk tɪv)

1. without distinctive characteristics.
2. incapable of or not making a distinction; undiscriminating.
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Without definite or distinctive characteristics:
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Both generations of problems coexist in the Anthropocene, constituting a rather complex framework of issues that affects indistinctively civil society, political organizations, legal institutions and the world's flora e fauna, threatening the very existence of life on earth.
That means the poet employs the strategy to fill out the two last slots indistinctively, whether or not he needs to find a rhyme to close the line.
However, the lack of a masculine form, unlike gender-marked fan names such as juggalos/juggalettes ["male/female fans of Insane Clown Posse"]--the terms coming from the band's song The Juggla--enables me to conclude that it is indistinctively used for both women and men as a neutral term: "La banda britanica ha querido tener con todos sus vampettes un detalle super bonito con esta edicion navidena que incluye el album original y 8 canciones de Navidad.
5) In this article the words "narrations" and "narratives" will be used almost indistinctively.
The expression of miRNA-199a, miRNA-199b, and miRNA-122a in most (50%-70%) HCC is strongly downregulated, and the expression of miRNA-92 is indistinctively downregulated.
Unlike incremental algorithms, concurrent algorithms determine the location information of all the sensor nodes simultaneously, where all the sensor nodes behave indistinctively and update the location information in parallel without interference, and then the global localization result of the whole network will be achieved asymptotically by neighboring cooperation as the time goes on (see, e.
In all of them, we can notice that the notion of mastery is central to characterize the way through which practical relation with knowledge transforms the body--that is indistinctively both object and subject of action.
It is noteworthy that the viscosity of the emulsions increased indistinctively from 5 to 54 mPa.
It is important to notice that it is sometimes possible to use any of the connectors analysed in this paper indistinctively, as we can see in example (14) below, which has been altered to illustrate this point.
For the purpose of our analysis we will refer indistinctively to this final version or to the trilogy.