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1. Not distinguishable, especially:
a. Impossible to differentiate or tell apart: indistinguishable twins; markings that make a moth indistinguishable from its background.
b. Impossible to discern; imperceptible: a sound that was indistinguishable to the human ear.
2. Difficult to understand or make out; vague: indistinguishable speech.

in′dis·tin′guish·a·ble·ness, in′dis·tin′guish·a·bil′i·ty n.
in′dis·tin′guish·a·bly adv.
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Noun1.indistinguishability - exact sameness; "they shared an identity of interests"
sameness - the quality of being alike; "sameness of purpose kept them together"
oneness, unity - the quality of being united into one
selfsameness - the quality of being identical with itself
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In fact, he argues that the "nomos of the modern" is the increasing indistinguishability between totalitarianism and democracy (Homo Sacer 95).
0] is bounded by the advantage of the DS1, and the distribution of the challenge PEKS remains same from the adversary's view because of the statical indistinguishability we required.
There are always marks to be followed, or not, traces that recede into indistinguishability yet call upon me in ways and from places that I cannot predict and that remain to be seen.
Privacy Models Must Maximize Indistinguishability Between Pseudoids.
We have already begun too late, representing the two determinacies of humanity and animality before us and then, in trying to distinguish them, find that we're led back to their indistinguishability (in this respect it is no accident that The Open begins with an image--a representation or Vorstellung that gets the discussion off the ground).
Ben-Naim and Casadei present readers with a comprehensive textbook introduction to contemporary thermodynamics utilizing an approach beginning from four fundamental physical facts: the atomic nature of matter, the indistinguishability of atoms and molecules of the same species, the existence of equilibrium states, and the uncertainty principle.
177, 177-78 (2000) (acknowledging indistinguishability between digitally reproduced images and originals); infra Part III.
Lewis in attempting to locate individual electrons at particular points in relative space, contrary to the fundamental indistinguishability of electrons and the indeterminacy of such individual location.
2013) Coherence and indistinguishability of single electrons emitted by independent sources.
This paper introduces a cryptographic formalization of steganographic security in terms of computational indistinguishability from a channel, an indexed family of probability distributions on cover messages.
Freedom may proceed upon the indistinguishability of determiner and determined, but both aspects must be present.