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tr.v. in·dit·ed, in·dit·ing, in·dites
1. To write; compose.
2. To set down in writing.
3. Obsolete To dictate.

[Middle English enditen, from Old French enditer, from Vulgar Latin *indictāre : Latin in-, toward; see in-2 + Latin dictāre, to compose, to say habitually, frequentative of dīcere, to say; see deik- in Indo-European roots.]

in·dite′ment n.
in·dit′er n.
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confidant of conspirators, inditer of sanguinary menaces and manifestos, suspected of being in the secret of every plot.
The Spain-based manufacturer INDITER is seeing demand for its products.
Prominently displayed on a corner of the stand was an INDITER dry cooler adjusted with EcoMESH, a mesh and water spray system that can improve performance while reducing energy consumption by up to 44%.