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tr.v. in·di·vid·u·al·ized, in·di·vid·u·al·iz·ing, in·di·vid·u·al·iz·es
1. To give individuality to.
2. To consider or treat individually; particularize.
3. To modify to suit the wishes or needs of a particular individual: individualized the work schedules of all the physicians.

in′di·vid′u·al·i·za′tion (-ə-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
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Noun1.individualization - discriminating the individual from the generic group or species
discrimination, secernment - the cognitive process whereby two or more stimuli are distinguished
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The interaction between Rosstandart and Rospatent is aimed at improving the procedure for providing legal protection to the results of intellectual activity and to means of individualization (objects of intellectual property).
Data-driven personalization that leads to 1:1 individualization of digital experiences is the modern reality.
Each Instavit spray provides an exact and measured amount of liquid, allowing for correct dosing and also permitting individualization of intake.
A 2D bar code identifier provides individualization that can be verified via secure web interface.
It consists of an evidence-based curriculum framework for children with and without disabilities, focusing on inclusion, active child engagement, integrated curricular content, intentional teaching, collaboration, and family as partners, and consisting of the components of challenging curriculum content, universal design for learning, differentiation, individualization, collaborative teaming, progress monitoring, and family-professional partnerships.
Late Modernity, Individualization and Socialism: An Associational Critique of Neoliberalism
The juxtaposition of different guidelines can enhance individualization of treatment for a patient with AD by drawing from different disciplines with varying traditions and perspectives," the investigators said in the report.
2) "Creating Innovative Music Culture Contents through Collaboration and Individualization.
Two dimensions, Task Orientation and Individualization, significantly predicted satisfaction, explaining 57 percent of the variance.
Some of the features that distinguish these vehicles from production models include extra spaciousness with lavishly designed, prestigious interiors offering extensive scope for individualization.
Scholars and courts have long defended the distinction between individualized and purely probabilistic evidence, but existing theories of individualization fail to articulate principles that are descriptively accurate or normatively desirable.
The chapters are organized into four sections starting with a review of the Hegelian roots of the theory of recognition; its systemic consequences in the realms of law and justice, labor, and social research; social and theoretical applications in the realms of international relations and recognition between states, organized self-realization and the paradoxes of individualization, and capitalist modernization; and finally psychoanalytic ramifications in terms of negativity, recognition as the driving force of group-formation, and facets of the presocial self.

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