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Adj.1.indusial - of or relating to or being an indusium
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The Council also discussed the measures taken based on the decision made at the Council's third meeting for 2013 related to approving the preferred alternative for development in Ghala Indusial area.
KUWAIT, Dec 15 (KUNA) -- It was 40 years ago that the Indusial Bank of Kuwait K.
Over the longer period, 1981-99, the relative share of export from indusial counties (ICs) and that from India improved as [beta] coefficient was fond to be 4.
Proximal cells are rather radial symmetric and they are arranged with their major axis parallel to the indusial margin (Fig.
He also said that the company would invest RO5 million in the next three years in the indusial estate of Sohar port, for expansion of 250 mega watts, in addition to the current 200mw being supplied.
He said Sindh has rich reserves of lime stone and granite besides a big chain of marble processing indusial units for value added and finished products production in Karachi.
Representatives from industrial, trade, electric, tourist, and service sectors are taking part in the event, which is organized by The Jordan-Europe Business Association (JEBA) to discuss means of promoting cooperation between Jordan and Poland in commercial, indusial, financial, investment and tourist fields.
It will also witness expansion in the indusial and economic zones.
This species is characterized by stramineous stipe bases, linear to narrowly oblong blades, translucent projections on pinnule margins mostly multicellular, often to form filaments, indusial lobes filamentous most of their length and far exceeding the sporangia and 7-18 pairs of pinnules.
The conference, organized by The Jordan-Europe Business Association (JEBA), will highlight means of promoting cooperation between Jordan and Poland in commercial, indusial, financial and tourist fields.
The Committee discussed the main challenges and problems facing the agriculture and animal sector in the Sultanate, such as the residential layout extension over the agricultural areas, turning the use of the lands to commercial and indusial uses, leading expatriate labor for agricultural lands and the lack of control over pesticides.
fragilis was noteworthy in its combination of the following morphological attributes: fronds with a relatively slender lamina broadest well above the base and sharply toothed segment margins, as well as relatively small sori and the absence of glands anywhere on the laminar or indusial tissue.