industrial air pollution

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Noun1.industrial air pollution - pollution resulting from an industrial plant discharging pollutants into the atmosphereindustrial air pollution - pollution resulting from an industrial plant discharging pollutants into the atmosphere
air pollution - pollution of the atmosphere; "air pollution reduced the visibility"
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Kate Brown and the Legislature launched a Cleaner Air Oregon initiative to track and reduce industrial air pollution.
This book presents a detailed history of London fog, a combination of industrial air pollution and natural fog that afflicted London from the early days of industrialization through to a period of legislation passed to limit pollution in the mid-20th century.
The Ontario environmental movement did not begin with Rachel Carson's Silent Spring (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1962) nor with Earth Day, writes O'Connor, but rather as a response to industrial air pollution exposed in the 1967 CBC documentary 7he Air of Death.
Pakistan's brown environmental problems include industrial waste water pollution, domestic waste water pollution, vehicle emissions, urban and industrial air pollution, and marine and coastal zone pollution.
htm) Industrial Air Pollution May Help Search for Alien Life - Scientists
Air pollution's role in ill health THE financial crisis in the NHS (Daily Post, June 16) follows a lack of political will to acknowledge the harm to health from industrial air pollution, which is known to be linked to a range of illnesses and also to premature deaths at all ages.
The fine was imposed after a check of the Haskovo Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water carried out after multiple reports of industrial air pollution.
The researchers found that schools located in areas with the state's highest industrial air pollution levels had the lowest attendance rates an indicator of poor health as well as the highest proportions of students who failed to meet state educational testing standards.
The biggest improvement was found in year-round (annual) particulate levels, which the ALA attributes to recent efforts to clean up major industrial air pollution sources.
The March Group currently represents a leading producer of commercial and industrial air pollution control systems.
He said that inappropriate and often careless disposal of industrial wastes-uncontrolled discharge into watercourses and uncontrolled disposal on the land, which often causes water and soil pollution-is another crucial environmental health problem, in addition to industrial air pollution, in developing countries, particularly with numerous small-scale township enterprises, like those in China.
When these chemicals bump into acidic industrial air pollution, a reaction occurs creating tiny gluey droplets as aerosols--and that is unhealthy, warned researchers from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in the USA (they have been working with the University of Copenhagen, Denmark and the University of Otago, New Zealand).

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