industrial engineering

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industrial engineering

The branch of engineering that is concerned with the production of industrial goods, especially by the design of efficient plants and procedures and the management of materials, energy, and labor.

industrial engineer n.

indus′trial engineer′ing

engineering applied to the planning, design, and control of industrial operations.
indus′trial engineer′, n.
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Noun1.industrial engineering - the branch of engineering that deals with the creation and management of systems that integrate people and materials and energy in productive ways
applied science, engineering science, technology, engineering - the discipline dealing with the art or science of applying scientific knowledge to practical problems; "he had trouble deciding which branch of engineering to study"
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This is how the birth of industrial engineering in Colombia is dated with the beginning of industrialization process in the twentieth century.
The IEOM conference is considered one of the major conferences in the field of industrial engineering.
The opening ceremony was attended by CENG dean Dr Rashid Alammari, CENG acting associate dean for Academic Affairs Dr Mohammed Samaka, and professor of mechanical and industrial engineering Dr Elsadig Mahdi, as well as CENG faculty, students and staff.
This edition incorporates new fields that are part of the industrial engineering profession, such as information systems, supply chain management, and service engineering.
Iftikhar Hussain prior to his appointment as VC has worked as Chairman Department of Industrial Engineering, UET Peshawar for 10 years.
Founded in 1948, IIE is an international, nonprofit association that provides leadership for the application, education, training, research and development of industrial engineering.
This reference presents graph theory concepts with a specific focus on industrial engineering applications.
Dr Peter Heath, Chancellor of AUS, said the Department of Industrial Engineering was created to house the undergraduate programme in Industrial Engineering and the graduate programme in Engineering Systems Management.
Industrial engineering technicians may work in manufacturing industries such as aerospace, plastics, semiconductor and electronic components, control instruments and more.
This award shows how UMT's industrial engineering programme students are willing to help each other and serve their community.
Industrial Engineering is concerned with the integration of people, capital, material, energy, equipment and information in an efficient way to produce goods and service with high quality and at low cost, said a statement from AUS.
10 December 2010 - CARE on Thursday suspended its BB/PR4 ratings on Vulcan Industrial Engineering Co Ltd's bank facilities.

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