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industrial relations

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industrial relations
Relations between the management of an industrial enterprise and its employees.

industrial relations
1. (Industrial Relations & HR Terms) (functioning as plural) those aspects of collective relations between management and workers' representatives which are normally covered by collective bargaining
2. (Industrial Relations & HR Terms) (functioning as singular) the management of relations between the employers or managers of an enterprise and their employees
industrial relations
1. nplrelazioni fpl sindacali
2. n (field of study) → relazioni fpl industriali

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This book provides an insight in to the paradigm shift observed in 21st century from looking at traditional industrial relations as moving from conflict resolution to collaborative partnership and then to employee relations management.
9781843342649 The multi-dimensions of industrial relations in the Asian knowledge-based economies.
In May 2008 a special issue of ELRR sub-titled 'Beyond WorkChoices: Remaking Industrial Relations in Australia' sought to capture (and perhaps direct) the legislative expectations of the newly elected Rudd Labor Government.
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