industrial revolution

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industrial revolution

also Industrial Revolution
The complex of radical socioeconomic changes, such as the ones that took place in England in the late 1700s, that are brought about when extensive mechanization of production systems results in a shift from home-based hand manufacturing to large-scale factory production.

Industrial Revolution

(Historical Terms) the Industrial Revolution the transformation in the 18th and 19th centuries of first Britain and then other W European countries and the US into industrial nations

indus′trial revolu′tion

(often caps.) the complex of social and economic changes resulting from the mechanization of industry that began in England about 1760.
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Noun1.Industrial Revolution - the transformation from an agricultural to an industrial nation
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With the invention of steam and the Industrial Revolution there came into existence the Capitalist Class, in the modern sense of the word.
Summary: The Knowledge Summit 2017 is being held under the theme of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
In error, I said that electricity marked the first Industrial Revolution in the 1800s.
Essays provide an overview of the Industrial Revolution and answer key questions about why England was first to industrialize, whether the exploitation of the working classes was necessary, and whether an Industrial Revolution could have taken place without European colonialism and imperialism.
NEW research out today shows that Britain is on the cusp of a global, technology-driven fourth industrial revolution, with eight in ten manufacturers saying it will become a business reality by 2025.
AN interactive app aiming to improve understanding of Merthyr Tydfil's role in the industrial revolution will be launched today.
CIVIC pride was on display as MPs fought over which constituency had the right to call itself the home of the Industrial Revolution.
Placing the roots of the industrial revolution in Britain in the 1770s, Stearns (history, George Mason U.
He details how the Industrial Revolution and accompanying pollution have contributed to climate change and its ongoing actions on animal species.
It was the heart of the Industrial Revolution, the birthplace of Charles Darwin, the inspiration of Shakespeare.
The complete set includes The Computer: Passport To The Digital Age (032396492), The Printing Press: An Information Revolution (023564884), The Radio: The World Tunes In (082396-4914), The Steam Engine: Fueling The Industrial Revolution (0823964906), The Telescope: Looking Into Space (082396-4892), and The Television: Window To The World (023964930.

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