industrial school

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indus′trial school`

1. a school for teaching one or more branches of industry.
2. a school for educating neglected children and training them to some form of industry.
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I could not help thinking, as we approached the gate, what an uproar would have been made in the country, if any deluded man had proposed to spend one half the money it had cost, on the erection of an industrial school for the young, or a house of refuge for the deserving old.
Implementing agency : Gyeongsangbuk-do Office of Education Kumho Industrial School
In our pictures, pupils are seen having a meal at Addison Street Day Industrial School, off Byrom Street, in 1904.
Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) has celebrated the opening ceremony of Kufr Nima' Industrial School (KNSIS) in the presence of Vice President of KOICA Mr Doo Jung-Soo, the Korean Representative to PA Mr Woong-Chul Pak, Minister of Education Dr.
Windows were smashed at his Dublin premises and the walls were daubed in graffiti referencing the councillor's abuse in an industrial school.
Members of the Presbyterian and United Church communities in Regina have joined with indigenous peoples to commemorate a cemetery on the grounds of the former Regina Industrial School.
Toyota Technical Skills Academy, an affiliate industrial school, is accepting 70 students for the high school division and 120 students for the career college division for high school graduates.
Joseph Industrial School, south of Calgary which operated from 1884 to 1924, also known as the old Dunbow School grounds.
While the book commemorates the 100th anniversary of the 1913 Dublin Lockout, it also examines other topics in Irish labor history, such as the industrial school system, the 1918 conscription crisis, the pub leagues of Ireland 1922-73, and life in Dublin's tenements in the 1930s.
In the 1950s the author was eight, abandoned by his mother, and left in Ireland's notoriously brutal Artane Industrial School for orphans, run by abusive Christian Brothers.
Tikrit / NINA / A man and his wife were injured on Monday 25, Nov when a roadside bomb went off near the Tuz Industrial School east of Tikrit.
A week-long trip to southern Alberta and participation at the annual Feast to Remember the Children of the Red Deer Industrial School netted four more pieces to add to a unique Witness Blanket.

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