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Adj.1.industrialised - made industrial; converted to industrialism; "industrialized areas"
industrial - having highly developed industries; "the industrial revolution"; "an industrial nation"
مُصَنَّع، كثير الصِّناعَه


(ˈindəstri) plural ˈindustries noun
1. (any part of) the business of producing or making goods. the ship-building industry; The government should invest more money in industry.
2. hard work or effort. He owed his success to both ability and industry.
inˈdustrial (-ˈdas) adjective
having, concerning etc industries or the making of goods. That area of the country is industrial rather than agricultural.
inˈdustrialist (-ˈdas-) noun
a person who takes part in the running of a large industrial organization. a wealthy industrialist.
inˈdustrialized, inˈdustrialised (-ˈdas) adjective
(of a country) having a large number of industries.
inˌdustrialiˈzation, inˌdustrialiˈsation noun
inˈdustrious (-ˈdas-) adjective
busy and hard-working. industrious pupils.
industrial estate
an area of a town etc set aside for (the building of) factories.
industrial relations
the relationship between the management and the workers in a factory etc.
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Theoretically, Industrialised Building System should be an effective solution to the Malaysia construction problems such as project delay, overrun cost, foreign workers intensive and low quality and productivity of project outcomes.
The reference index currently contains 301 companies from 23 industrialised nations.
Yet, apart from a few isolated examples, the dream of joining the ranks of industrialised nations has remained a dream.
The European Parliament has called for complementary aid measures to help former industrialised regions find new ways to develop and to reconvert unused sites.
Industrialised countries have become industrialised because they used common space - atmosphere," News24 quoted Luiz Alberto Figueredo Machado, a Brazilian representative, as saying.
not shy away from exposing the double standards we witness in the postures adopted by some major industrialised countries.
Carbon emissions hit all-time high: Global carbon dioxide emissions reached an all-time high of 33 billion tonnes last year, despite reductions by industrialised countries with binding Kyoto Protocol targets, according to a new report.
Industrialized Building System (IBS) represent the prefabrication and industrialised construction concept in Malaysia.
GERMANY The coalition government has agreed to shut down all the country's nuclear power plants by 2022, the environment minister said, making it the first major industrialised power to go nuclear-free since the Japanese disaster.
The Commission thus intends to put an end to speculative uses of the CDM, which is one of the Kyoto Protocol instruments (via the CDM, industrialised countries have financed projects to reduce emissions in poorer countries and are rewarded with emissions credits).
OSAMA bin Laden called for the world to boycott American goods in a new audio tape, blaming industrialised countries for global warming.
First, clarity is needed on ambitious, legally binding emission-reduction targets for industrialised countries.