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1. Of, relating to, or resulting from the manufacturing industry: industrial development; industrial pollution.
2. Having a highly developed manufacturing industry: an industrial nation.
3. Employed, required, or used in the manufacturing industry: industrial workers; industrial diamonds.
1. A company engaged in the manufacturing industry.
2. A person employed in the manufacturing industry.
3. A style of rock music marked by harsh rhythms, little melody, and nihilistic lyrics.

in·dus′tri·al·ly adv.
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Adv.1.industrially - by industrial means; "industrially produced"


[ɪnˈdʌstrɪəlɪ] ADVindustrialmente
the parts are produced industriallylas piezas se producen industrialmentelas piezas se fabrican mediante un procedimiento industrial
industrially, the country has advanced enormouslyen el aspecto industrial or en el terreno industrial or desde el punto de vista industrial, el país ha avanzado enormemente


[ɪnˈdʌstrɪəlɪ] advindustrialmente
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In those countries which are but little developed, industrially and commercially, these two classes still vegetate side by side with the rising bourgeoisie.
President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has today viewed the newly reconstructed well in SOCAR's Bibiheybat field, the world`s first industrially drilled oil well.
IFBA companies have taken another step in progressing the nutrition commitments they first made to the World Health Organization in 2008 with the adoption of a worldwide commitment to phase out industrially produced trans fatty acids (TFAs) in their products.
New research suggests that low levels of trans fatty acids (TFAs) may not be as harmful to human health as previously thought, even if industrially produced, and may even be beneficial if they occur naturally in foods such as dairy and meat products.
The advocate-general of the EU Court of Justice proposes to make the processing, storage and distribution of plasma taken from whole blood and prepared industrially for use in blood transfusions - products like Octaplas - subject to Directive 2001/83 on medicines.
Summary: RIYADH: The Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF) has said it has increased the limit of loans to projects in industrially backward regions to 75 percent of the total cost of a project.
This industrially hardened wireless data acquisition solution supports flexible, reliable, secure and efficient data transmission with operation between 216-222 MHz in North America and up to 235 MHz in other countries The SD2 has FCC authorization under Part 80, Part 90 and Part 95, and operates in channel sizes of 5 kHz, 6.
29 +/- acres industrially zoned with a 36,000 SF bldg.
The objectives of the mission were to get training in the use of metal speciation model and determine metal speciation in industrially and naturally contaminated soils.
He also said that over the past few years, states of Chhattisgarh, West Bengal, Bihar and Jharkhand have become industrially backward due to Maoist violence.
Based on the values of composite index all 27 states in 2002-03 and 15 states during 1980-81 has been distributed in 3 groups such as: (i) industrially developed states, (ii) industrially less developed states, and (iii) industrially least developed states.

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