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1. Not producing the desired effect: an ineffectual treatment for indigestion. See Synonyms at futile.
2. Lacking forcefulness or effectiveness; inadequate or incompetent: an ineffectual ruler; ineffectual in dealing with a problem.

in′ef·fec′tu·al′i·ty (-ăl′ĭ-tē), in′ef·fec′tu·al·ness n.
in′ef·fec′tu·al·ly adv.
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Noun1.ineffectuality - lacking the power to be effective
impotence, impotency, powerlessness - the quality of lacking strength or power; being weak and feeble
inefficaciousness, inefficacy - a lack of efficacy


The condition or state of being incapable of accomplishing or effecting anything:
References in classic literature ?
Fear of age and ineffectuality took possession of her.
Furthermore, the increasing ineffectuality of his masculine authority and pursuits all too neatly associates him with the decline of male Afrikaner authority in the face of changing political ideologies.
On the other hand, Revolutionary Teamsters gives the lie to the belief in an inherent ineffectuality of Trotskyism, and shows the importance of its heritage as disproportionate to the movement's small size.
Power, physicality and self-respect have held center stage in working-class masculinities and thus it is significant that the films listed above present us with pervasive images of male ineffectuality and powerlessness, often vis-a-vis women, both in public and private spheres, raising questions about how hegemonic white working-class masculinity can be on or off screen.
Though the English scenes in 1 Henry VI can be said to prefigure the principal concerns of 2 and 3 Henry VI--the rivalry of Duke Humphrey and Winchester, and of York and Somerset, the ambition of Suffolk, the ineffectuality of the well-meaning King--in the two later plays war in France is replaced by civil war, presented as civil butchery, murderously destructive.
The saving grace of American policy may once again lie in its ineffectuality.
1527, 1530 (2002) ("The ineffectuality of American labor law, and the shrinking scope of collective representation and collective bargaining, is partly traceable to the law's 'ossification.
In Hemingway's early fiction, road food not only evokes knowledge, connoisseurship, and authentic experience, but also serves to expose a lack of authenticity, subverting the threat of two would-be hit-men by underscoring their ineffectuality.
That is a path most likely to ensure isolation and ineffectuality, and to leave the public forum to those invested in perpetuating the militarism that permeates our society.
The complications around the ERA lie in its required collusion with patriarchy as the requisite sanctioning body and equality icon, and with this, its ineffectuality to function as a reform of substance, where the symbolism of the ERA's lawful ratification would essentially occlude its substitutive impact.
Nowhere near the cavalier finesse of a Great Houdini, his comportment is quite comprehensively naturalized in the dismissible demotic terms of the stereotypical negative male ethos: self-absorption, pretense, dilettantism, vanity, vagueness, idle curiosity, reticence, forgetfulness, indolence, carelessness, lack of imagination, and general ineffectuality.
265) man seeks immortality, but the speaker denounces such behavior, demonstrating the ineffectuality of prayer and asserting that only blind fools seek things "high up in the air" (l.