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Not equitable; unfair.

in·eq′ui·ta·bly adv.
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Adv.1.inequitably - in an inequitable manner; "their father's possessions were inequitably divided among the sons"
equitably - in an equitable manner; "the inheritance was equitably divided among the sisters"
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Furthermore, I felt ignored, disregarded and treated inequitably.
Our greatest shared challenge is that our very accomplishments, reflected in ever-greater human consumption and extraction of the Earth's resources, are increasingly inequitably distributed, threatening inclusive development, the environment and our common future.
Develop a Trade and investment liberalization has expanded, global although the benefits remain inequitably shared partnership and the liberalized financial system created the for development financial crisis and subsequent recession; development assistance increased annually until the financial crisis and fell in real terms in 2011 and 2012; essential drugs have become more affordable, but new trade treaties continue to erode the progress made on the rights of countries to access lower-cost generic medicines.
If parents knew the facts -- that obesity solutions may be being applied to their communities inequitably or inadequately without this data -- they would support this,'' Longjohn said.
63) Thus, the province controlled the water and developed dams and water-control structures for hydroelectricity in the "common good," with the "bads" inequitably falling on FN communities.
234(2), which describes a party as indispensable if "the party's interest is not severable, and the party's absence will prevent the court from rendering any judgment between the parties before it; or if notwithstanding the party's absence the party's interest would necessarily be inequitably affected by a judgment rendered between those before the court.
Deviant behavior can be seen as retaliation to being treated inequitably in the workplace (Justice).
Lacking the expression of these qualities, the global order remains chaotic: resources are inequitably distributed, wealth and opportunity are concentrated, laws and regulations are resisted, the environment is sacrificed, and, ultimately, the ability to raise our children in safety and prosperity is jeopardized.
thereby inequitably determine the parameters of dialogue.
Technology has made a difference to global societies; but some what inequitably on account of differentiated access.
Four respondents suggested they may be treated inequitably when sites are selected for land application because of their rural and lower income status: