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Not equitable; unfair.

in·eq′ui·ta·bly adv.
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Adv.1.inequitably - in an inequitable manner; "their father's possessions were inequitably divided among the sons"
equitably - in an equitable manner; "the inheritance was equitably divided among the sisters"
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By every measure, persons with disabilities disproportionately and inequitably experience morbidity and mortality associated with unmet healthcare needs in every sphere.
Diagnostic kits, drugs and other supplies, forever in short supply, were rationed either inequitably or suboptimally.
In 2012, the Texas Charter School Association sued the state for facilities funding, arguing their schools were being funded inequitably by the state.
The study found that those surveyed viewed potential impacts as inequitably distributed, arguing that the economic and employment benefits attributed to shale development were not unique and would apply equally to significant investment and scaling up of renewable technologies.
As a result, Hoffmann says, burdening individuals with the responsibility to reduce their own environmental exposures can create or worsen environmental injustice, in which harmful exposures are inequitably distributed across a population.
These perceptions influence discipline policies that are often inequitably applied, with black children being more likely to be suspended, expelled, or targeted for disciplinary action for behaviors consistent with normal child development.
These three diseases, among others, have received significant resources through various global health initiatives (GHIs), though sometimes inequitably funded; and over time have required health sectors to delegate key physician tasks to non-physicians in order to attain effective coverage of interventions.
Noted economist Romulo Neri on Friday said a regressive unitary tax system would inequitably make the poor pay a much higher tax than the rich who consume more expensive cigarette brands as both will pay the same P30 tax per pack.
As New Zealand's climate changed, the impacts would be inequitably felt, particularly on older and poorer people.
Contributors in political science, comparative politics, and federalism investigate the reasons why democratization is extended unevenly and inequitably within different regions of countries.
The CCA cited FEC and viewed the taxpayer as a third party who would be adversely or inequitably affected by the ratification.