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a. Incapable of moving or acting: "[Some patients] lingered, unable to breathe on their own, inert and unresponsive even to the most noxious stimulus" (Gary Greenberg).
b. Sluggish in action or motion; lethargic. See Synonyms at inactive.
2. Chemistry Not readily reactive with other elements; forming few or no chemical compounds.
3. Having no pharmacologic, metabolic, or other physiological effect.

[Latin iners, inert- : in-, not; see in-1 + ars, skill; see ar- in Indo-European roots.]

in·ert′ly adv.
in·ert′ness n.
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With little or no effort he succeeded, and the great bulk rolled inertly upon the turf before him--the ape was dead.
I renew my hope that the international community will not assist mutely and inertly to such an unacceptable crime," he said in the message, which will be delivered to the Jordanian Church by the secretary of the Italian Bishops' Conference, Nunzio Galantino.
At this juncture his masters either willingly or inertly made a very bad decision that almost rendered him dysfunctional, vulnerable and exposed him as a characterless hock.
This is unusual" my initial reaction "And will obviously entail a plan of action" I'm fairly broad minded despite limitations And had never received such invitations I'm inertly conservative and I know my station But such possibilities earn consideration So I replied thus "Yes, I'll come to your orgy "I'll bring our Gerry and also our Georgie" "They can choose for " themselves, but I think I'll have Bess "And d'you think she could wear a mini-dress?
It was widely known that transportation improvements attracted "new interests and business connections" and diverted them from "those localities or communities that have inertly permitted themselves" to be passed by, so demand for improvements was widespread and persistent and politicians who favored one town or region over another, even if for good reason, were certain to incur the wrath of voters (Dodge 1854, p.
He rightly contrasts Gramci's spatial, geographical mode of apprehending social life and hegemony with the temporally framed Hegelian tradition that influenced a thinker such as Georg Lukacs, summarizing Gramsci's intervention in the following terms: "The problem therefore is how to connect the south [of Italy], whose poverty and vast labor pool are inertly vulnerable to northern economic policies and powers, with a north that is dependent on it" (Said 2004a, 49).
When Vivitrol enters the brain, it doesn't heal the brain; it sits on the receptors inertly.