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1. Impossible to estimate or compute: inestimable damage. See Synonyms at incalculable.
2. Of immeasurable value or worth; invaluable: "shared all the inestimable advantages of being wealthy, good-looking, confident and intelligent" (Doris Kearns Goodwin).

in·es′ti·ma·bly adv.
References in classic literature ?
The windows, heavily shaded by trees, admitted a subdued light that made the faces around me pale, and darkened the old brasses in the pavement and the time and damp-worn monuments, and rendered the sunshine in the little porch, where a monotonous ringer was working at the bell, inestimably bright.
There are two people in the world to whom you are inestimably precious, and who are determined not to let your happiness be sacrificed.
This entails the practical disadvantage of making the Bible--events, characters, and ideas--seem less real and living; but on the other hand it helps inestimably to create the finer imaginative atmosphere which is so essential for the genuine religious spirit.
I bore my share of that inestimably precious burden with a manly tenderness, with a fatherly care.
But two days ago,my annoyance was inestimably amplified by a young lady on a Hindi news channel who referred to me,your dear pet,as ' Labradog'.
His superior professional skill, keen judgment in evaluating the condition of patients and tireless devotion to duty contributed inestimably to the success of each operation and were in keeping with the finest traditions of the Medical Department.
While property accountability in theater is necessarily tedious and at times aggravating, the efficient processing of FLIPLs inestimably supports the sustainment function, attached units, and mission accomplishment.
The American and Iranian people fervently want this and it wills inestimably benefit both societies.
In effect the emergency conditions of konfrontasi forced a solution that brought together continued British administration strengthened by a strong military component and strategic political direction in the hands of Malaysia's inestimably pragmatic Deputy Prime Minister.
Flashing before my eyes--recorded for posterity in delicate celluloid that often fluttered and faded--was the inestimably beautiful testimony of family love.
45m) into our economy and brings inestimably valuable global publicity to our tiny island.