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Having no existence; nonexistent.

in′ex·is′tence n.
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Every psychical phenomenon is characterized by what the scholastics of the Middle Ages called the intentional (also the mental) inexistence of an object, and what we, although with not quite unambiguous expressions, would call relation to a content, direction towards an object (which is not here to be understood as a reality), or immanent objectivity.
This intentional inexistence is exclusively peculiar to psychical phenomena.
Le constat general, fait soit par les specialistes ou par des supporters connaisseurs, se tient toujours, a savoir la perte de l'audace offensive et la quasi inexistence d'un fond de jeu.
Objective: Europe has a large amount of unexploited resources across the offshore renewable sector due to the inexistence of suitable technologies for deep waters, where a large amount of high energy intensity combined resource (wind and wave) exists.
Therefore shared interests and possibilities were not protected and expanded with equal persistency, in order to promote: the unity, mutual enrichment, reciprocal insight and respect and harmonious inexistence of different cultural groups within a single South African region.
Inspection Panel positively rated process of reforms in labour and cotton sectors, inexistence of problems with use of child labour at cotton picking and realization of the joint programme of child labour in Uzbekistan by the Government and ILO.
An extensive survey coordinated with the Ministry of Health and the Customs Directorate confirmed the inexistence of such goods in Bahrain", it said.
The first scenario is the impossibility (or possibility) of recognizing copyrights in technical standards given the inexistence (or existence) of originality and creativity.
The current hazardous waste management is substandard both in the aspect of human and financial resources and regarding the inexistence of concrete and efficient system that monitors the waste quantity starting from the generating phase up to the storage, treatment and dumping phase.
Inexistence of self-correlation hypothesis is not rejected among errors and thus, regression can be used.
For the Instituto Crescer director, the institutional investments made to purchase computers and the Internet access offer have not provoked the expected impacts in the students' learning processes due to reasons that go beyond the purchase of such resources, such as the lack of knowledge on the local reality, inexistence of a strategic plan for the implementation of educational information technology and the disinterest in rethinking pedagogical aspects.
Given the inexistence of global scales with adequate psychometric properties, and this scale being a perception one, it is only logical to obtain these values.