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Having no existence; nonexistent.

in′ex·is′tence n.




a rare word for nonexistent
ˌinexˈistence, ˌinexˈistency n


(ˌɪn ɪgˈzɪs tənt)

having no existence; nonexistent.
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Under these conditions, the opposition was basically inexistent, and the elections seemed to have made the transition between the political system of the single party to the political system of the predominant party, achieving what Jean Blondel called the "one and a half party system" (Voicu, 1998: 215).
The state symbol problem was inexistent, Gruevski created it and gave it to Justice Minister Adnan Jashari to solve it.
By inexistent, Badiou means something that may have existed elsewhere sometime, but that has not been recognized at this given site in space and time when the poem is composed (377).
The Western countries of Europe and North American, for instance, performed best, although gender equality is still inexistent there.
Although this species is exploited by fisheries in several countries, management of this resource in the United States and abroad is almost inexistent and, in particular, it is not known to date whether multiple stocks of this species occur within its recorded distribution range (Mathieu et al.
Moreover, there may be period of the year in which the requirement of labor is below the family's supply, and this may have negative consequences on the overall productivity of agricultural labor, especially when employment opportunities outside the farm are limited or inexistent.
Identifying the Sukuk Shari'ah Committee and the possibility of the DFM's Fatwa and Shari'ah Board to replace it when inexistent.
By maintaining its operations in Egypt, EBRD sends a clear message: it is acceptable to conduct business in a country where brutal crackdown on civil society happens daily, where prisoners are regularly raped and tortured in jails and police stations, where young women face random acid attacks in broad day light on the busy streets of Cairo, and where social justice is almost inexistent.
Kyprianou said her accusations were unfounded over an inexistent issue, with an indecent assault complaint to police no less, when she knows well that such a thing never happened.
In the case of Mimboland where official channels to referee leaders' sources of wealth are almost inexistent, rumour plays an important role in provoking leaders to either act or react.
In a statement today, he dismissed the concept of "squandered public money" as inexistent in the current report, adding that the Government departments would address financial violations which are resulting from administrative procedures.
The state is capable of manufacturing the inexistent by imposing a figure of identitarian normality, 'national' or otherwise.