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 (ĭn′ĭk-spŭg′nə-bəl, -spyo͞o′nə-)
1. Impossible to overcome or overthrow by force.
2. Impossible to put aside or drive away: inexpugnable dislike.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin inexpugnābilis : in-, not; see in-1 + expugnābilis, capable of being overcome (from expugnāre : ex-, completely; see ex- + pugnāre, to fight; see impugn).]

in′ex·pug·na·bil′i·ty n.
in′ex·pug′na·bly adv.


a rare word for impregnable1
ˌinexˌpugnaˈbility, ˌinexˈpugnableness n
ˌinexˈpugnably adv


(ˌɪn ɪkˈspʌg nə bəl)

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Adj.1.inexpugnable - incapable of being overcome, challenged or refuted; "an impregnable argument"; "impregnable self-confidence"
unconquerable - not capable of being conquered or vanquished or overcome; "a tribute to his courage...and his unconquerable will"- R.E.Danielson; "faced unconquerable difficulties"
References in classic literature ?
The sound of his words excited his thoughts, and in the play of darting thoughts he had glimpses now and then of the inexpugnable rock of his convictions, towering in solitary grandeur above the unprofitable waste of errors and passions.
Perhaps her face was rigidly set--but that marmoreal impassiveness, that magnificent stolidity, as of a wonderful statue by some great sculptor working under the curse of the gods; that imposing, unthinking stillness of her features, had till then mirrored for him the tranquil dignity of a soul of which he had thought himself--as a matter of course--the inexpugnable possessor.
Inexpugnable, in his wild and mountainous Scotland, an absolute general, king of an army of eleven thousand old soldiers, whom he had more than once led on to victory; as well informed, nay, even better, of the affairs of London, than Lambert, who held garrison in the city, -- such was the position of Monk, when, at a hundred leagues from London, he declared himself for the parliament.
I felt the inexpugnable strength of common sense being insidiously menaced by this gruesome, by this insane, delusion.
Aujourd'hui, Mers El KA@bir, dA@sormais dans le giron national, n'est pas seulement ce site inexpugnable qui veille sur le pays et ses eaux territoriales, mais c'est aussi une base oA se forgent les compA@tences nationales en matiA?
Zepeda puso en entredicho la utopia inexpugnable del mito cuando se nego a acatar el ultimatum de declinar por Delfina Gomez.
Sumergida en un inframundo politico dominado por la inexpugnable pareja siamesa de corrupcion e impunidad, la ciudadania respira y transpira desesperanza e incertidumbre.
Quienquiera que haya leido El nombre de la rosa se acuerda de la biblioteca laberintica, tan cercana a la que, en sus Ficciones, Jorge Luis Borges describia como una torre de Babel inexpugnable en la que solo el bibliotecario podia consultar los volumenes.
La libertad de conciencia, de fuero intimo, es un derecho inexpugnable y absoluto, lo que retira cualquier posibilidad de control.
Porque el que se ufana de ser miembro de alguna izquierda unida y pone de contrasena 18Brumario no va a durar mucho, pero si la usa un reaccionario se hace un poco mas inexpugnable.
Soutenant que l'adhesion entiere et sincere des Marocains a l'Islam a ete, au fond, le terreau ayant favorise l'eclosion d'exegeses, de savoirs et de connaissances tous azimuts, il a fait observer que la mosquee Al Qaraouiyine, fondee et portee par les erudits de la Oumma, est restee, depuis, une forteresse inexpugnable toujours a cheval sur les constantes rythmant l'identite inamovible de l'etre marocain et qui s'articule, selon lui, autour de six parametres.