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1. Having an exceedingly bad reputation; notorious: an infamous outlaw.
2. Causing or deserving severe public condemnation; heinous: "No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury" (US Constitution, Amendment 5).
3. Law Convicted of a crime, such as treason or felony, that carries a severe punishment. No longer in technical use.

[Middle English infamis, from Latin īnfāmis : in-, not; see in-1 + fāma, renown, fame; see bhā- in Indo-European roots.]

in′fa·mous·ly adv.
in′fa·mous·ness n.
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They will not have much cause of triumph when they see how infamously I act.
I have been infamously treated by one woman; and my wounded self-esteem has meanly revenged itself by reviling the whole sex.
Infamously as we now know him to have acted, the man was not a downright fiend.
I have been infamously used in this business,' he said.
He was,' replied he, with the same calm gravity as before; 'but do not wrong me by supposing that I could continue my friendship and esteem to a man who could so infamously, so impiously forsake and injure one so transcendently - well, I won't speak of it.
Fred, whose hopes had been raised when George had been disinherited, thought himself infamously swindled by the old merchant, and for some time made as if he would break off the match altogether.
I felt that she was infinitely dearer to me than any other woman in the world, and that I was using her infamously.
The wretch had behaved infamously to her in some way.
Almost as infamously dark and evil-stinking as the jungle was the devil-devil house--in Bassett's opinion.
If I had done it as alleged, should I have left that unguarded place which that false and wicked witness against me so infamously deposed to?
You have behaved infamously, and I desire to have as little as possible to say to you in future
Not surprisingly, Maura Sullivan, the recently created NH resident who infamously launched her Dem 1st CD campaign with a logo that chopped off a big chunk of southwestern NH from the map, recently announced raising $430k in the last quarter - only 20 percent it from NH donors.