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tr.v. in·fat·u·at·ed, in·fat·u·at·ing, in·fat·u·ates
1. To inspire with unreasoning love or attachment.
2. To cause to behave foolishly.
adj. (-ĭt, -āt′)

[Latin īnfatuāre, īnfatuāt- : in-, causative pref.; see in-2 + fatuus, foolish.]

in·fat′u·a′tion (-ā′shən) n.


vb (tr)
1. to inspire or fill with foolish, shallow, or extravagant passion
2. to cause to act foolishly
an archaic word for infatuated
literary a person who is infatuated
[C16: from Latin infatuāre, from in-2 + fatuus fatuous]


(v. ɪnˈfætʃ uˌeɪt; adj., n. -ɪt, -ˌeɪt)

v. -at•ed, -at•ing,
adj., n. v.t.
1. to inspire or possess with a foolish or unreasoning admiration or love.
2. to affect with folly; make foolish or fatuous.
3. characterized by foolish or irrational love or desire; infatuated.
4. a person who is infatuated.
[1425–75; late Middle English < Latin infatuātus, past participle of infatuāre to make into a fool]
in•fat′u•a`tor, n.


Past participle: infatuated
Gerund: infatuating

I infatuate
you infatuate
he/she/it infatuates
we infatuate
you infatuate
they infatuate
I infatuated
you infatuated
he/she/it infatuated
we infatuated
you infatuated
they infatuated
Present Continuous
I am infatuating
you are infatuating
he/she/it is infatuating
we are infatuating
you are infatuating
they are infatuating
Present Perfect
I have infatuated
you have infatuated
he/she/it has infatuated
we have infatuated
you have infatuated
they have infatuated
Past Continuous
I was infatuating
you were infatuating
he/she/it was infatuating
we were infatuating
you were infatuating
they were infatuating
Past Perfect
I had infatuated
you had infatuated
he/she/it had infatuated
we had infatuated
you had infatuated
they had infatuated
I will infatuate
you will infatuate
he/she/it will infatuate
we will infatuate
you will infatuate
they will infatuate
Future Perfect
I will have infatuated
you will have infatuated
he/she/it will have infatuated
we will have infatuated
you will have infatuated
they will have infatuated
Future Continuous
I will be infatuating
you will be infatuating
he/she/it will be infatuating
we will be infatuating
you will be infatuating
they will be infatuating
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been infatuating
you have been infatuating
he/she/it has been infatuating
we have been infatuating
you have been infatuating
they have been infatuating
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been infatuating
you will have been infatuating
he/she/it will have been infatuating
we will have been infatuating
you will have been infatuating
they will have been infatuating
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been infatuating
you had been infatuating
he/she/it had been infatuating
we had been infatuating
you had been infatuating
they had been infatuating
I would infatuate
you would infatuate
he/she/it would infatuate
we would infatuate
you would infatuate
they would infatuate
Past Conditional
I would have infatuated
you would have infatuated
he/she/it would have infatuated
we would have infatuated
you would have infatuated
they would have infatuated
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Verb1.infatuate - arouse unreasoning love or passion in and cause to behave in an irrational way; "His new car has infatuated him"; "love has infatuated her"
arouse, elicit, evoke, provoke, enkindle, kindle, fire, raise - call forth (emotions, feelings, and responses); "arouse pity"; "raise a smile"; "evoke sympathy"


Affected with intense romantic attraction:
Slang: gone.
References in classic literature ?
were still so much distressed by Aglaya's latest infatuations and adventures, that they did hot care to talk of them, though they must have known that Evgenie knew much of the story already.
His life meanwhile continued as before, with the same infatuations and dissipations.
Strange, that some of us, with quick alternate vision, see beyond our infatuations, and even while we rave on the heights, behold the wide plain where our persistent self pauses and awaits us.
But there was also, on another page, a special financial article in a hostile tone beginning with the words "We have always feared" and a guarded, half-column leader, opening with the phrase: "It is a deplorable sign of the times" what was, in effect, an austere, general rebuke to the absurd infatuations of the investing public.
Over nobody had he such complete ascendance as Mrs Quilp herself--a pretty little, mild-spoken, blue-eyed woman, who having allied herself in wedlock to the dwarf in one of those strange infatuations of which examples are by no means scarce, performed a sound practical penance for her folly, every day of her life.
Everyone who heard of his infatuation for the school teacher was sure it would turn out badly.
The persistence of the infatuation lent it an aspect of genuineness.
I was lifted aloft on a great wave of infatuation and pity.
The impertinence of the Eltons, which for a few minutes had threatened to ruin the rest of her evening, had been the occasion of some of its highest satisfactions; and she looked forward to another happy resultthe cure of Harriet's infatuation.
The youthful infatuation of nineteen would naturally blind him to every thing but her beauty and good nature; but the four succeeding years--years, which if rationally spent, give such improvement to the understanding, must have opened his eyes to her defects of education, while the same period of time, spent on her side in inferior society and more frivolous pursuits, had perhaps robbed her of that simplicity which might once have given an interesting character to her beauty.
For I had one other reason than my own infatuation, or thought I had.
In noveldom woman still sets the moral standard, and to her the males, who are in full revolt against the acceptance of the infatuation of a pair of lovers as the highest manifestation of the social instinct, and against the restriction of the affections within the narrow circle of blood relationship, and of the political sympathies within frontiers, are to her what she calls heartless brutes.