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Not feasible; impracticable.

in·fea′si·bil′i·ty n.
in·fea′si·bly adv.
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Noun1.infeasibility - the quality of not being doableinfeasibility - the quality of not being doable  
impracticability, impracticableness - the quality of not being usable
feasibility, feasibleness - the quality of being doable
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raising an impossibility defense must show the infeasibility of
The use of compatibilizers is being explored increasingly in the recycling industry as a way to create value in mixed feed streams that cannot be further segregated by resin type, either due to technical challenges related to collecting, cleaning, and sorting, or to economic infeasibility.
What if a 30 percent quota pushes already tenuous development proposals into financial infeasibility, and nothing happens?
The Emory University Institutional Review Board approved this study and granted an exemption from informed consent requirements, given the minimal risk nature of the study and the infeasibility of obtaining informed consent from individual patients for > 1.
The first option was discarded because the political and financial infeasibility raised substantial doubt about its realization.
I) Ability to recognize the feasibility or infeasibility of the problems and also the conditions of the existence or non-expectance results.
It was the infeasibility of obtaining a warrant overseas that made the warrant clause inapposite.
In order for that to occur, relative prices are bid down in the overextended lines of production to reflect the higher price spread and infeasibility of the more temporally remote production stages Unprofitable businesses contract and allow their resources to be reabsorbed and more efficiently used elsewhere, particularly in the comparatively more lucrative shorter production processes.
The company was considering establishing a river transport project with the authority, but it has been delayed due to financial infeasibility at present.
Given the apparent infeasibility of the first five options, U.
The infeasibility of a solution is the sum of the squares of each constraint violation (an entirely feasible solution would have an infeasibility of 0).
As plants age and become increasingly functionally obsolete, or less economically viable, their capacity factors fall, until economic infeasibility sets in.