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1. Capable of causing infection: an infectious microorganism.
2. Capable of being transmitted by infection: an infectious disease.
3. Capable of transmitting a disease; contagious: Is the patient still infectious?
4. Spreading or tending to spread from one to another: an infectious laugh.

in·fec′tious·ly adv.
in·fec′tious·ness n.
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Adv.1.infectiously - in a contagious manner; "she was contagiously bubbly"
بصورةٍ مُعْدِيَه
fertõzõ módon
meî smitandi hætti
bulaşıcı şekilde


(inˈfekt) verb
to fill with germs that cause disease; to give a disease to. You must wash that cut on your knee in case it becomes infected; She had a bad cold last week and has infected the rest of the class.
inˈfection (-ʃən) noun
1. the process of infecting or state of being infected. You should wash your hands after handling raw meat to avoid infection.
2. a disease. a throat infection.
inˈfectious (-ʃəs) adjective
likely to spread to others. Measles is an infectious disease.
inˈfectiously adverb
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My way of giving physic is evidently the best, for you look better already," he said, laughing so infectiously that Rose followed suit, saying saucily
And besides, Veslovsky was at first so naively distressed, and then laughed so good-humoredly and infectiously at their general dismay, that one could not but laugh with him.
And while most of us - me included - don't know Ali personally, we feel like we do - a real testament to his broadcasting skill and infectiously optimistic personality.
The diverting arrangements and spangled synth rhythms match an infectiously playful approach with warm wisdom.
It's not to do with the way they look or act - I'm not a fan of the many tattoos they've had since hitting worldwide fame and a couple of them look like they could do with a good wash and haircut - but it's hard for me not to enjoy their infectiously pop-py music that I've always had a weakness for.
Roger was always infectiously happy and friendly to everyone he met.
Amazing natural talent for music, and infectiously good-humoured man.
The whole city was seemingly getting into the mood as radio presenters indulged with Guetta's infectiously cheerful music on the radio -- and the traffic turned into a "before party".
It's infectiously uplifting and puts a smile on everyone's face.
Singer Ellie Goulding warmed up the crowd further as she infectiously bounced across the Main Stage to great applause.
It is infectiously feelgood despite a dehydrated plot plus an abundance of poor lip-synching and weak choreography.