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Each infective agent has its own virulence, and each individual has his/her own `host factors' which determine that person's susceptibility to infection.
We still don't know if the infective agent is present in blood, we don't know at what stage it would become detectable in blood, and we don't even know that a positive test means that someone will develop vCJD in the future.
Based on currently available evidence, close contact with an infected person poses the highest risk of the infective agent to spread from one person to a
The polymers for the matrices must be compatible with the substrates to which the coating is applied, as well as with the selected agent and must not induce chemical reactions, which might alter chemical structure and potency of the anti infective agent.
Professor John Collinge and his team concluded that Alzheimer's "seeds" had probably been transferred with the growth hormone along with the CJD infective agent.
Mr Williams said: "However, science has now shown that sheep, as a species, do not harbour this infective agent.
This virus is a very common infective agent which occurs in the horse population worldwide.
cattle aged 20 months or less, and then only if packers remove the brains, spinal columns and nervous tissue regarded most at risk of carrying the infective agent for BSE.
She added that in her opinion Christopher's death was 'unascertained' and that in the case of Harry she knew 'of no infective agent that causes death as rapidly as this'.
The clinical goal in treating an URTI is to prevent any further complications, especially when the infective agent is bacterial in nature; and to do no harm while alleviating symptoms and providing comfort.
The same surgical instruments used on her were used for a further seven deliveries putting these women at risk because of a small chance the CJD infective agent can survive sterilisation methods.