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n. infecundidad, esterilidad.
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While doing justice to the intellectual power with which a few Circles have for many generations maintained their supremacy over immense multitudes of their countrymen, he believes that the facts of Flatland, speaking for themselves without comment on his part, declare that Revolutions cannot always be suppressed by slaughter, and that Nature, in sentencing the Circles to infecundity, has condemned them to ultimate failure -- "and herein," he says, "I see a fulfilment of the great Law of all worlds, that while the wisdom of Man thinks it is working one thing, the wisdom of Nature constrains it to work another, and quite a different and far better thing.
While the Conference expressed "its appreciation of the Pope's deep concern for the institution of marriage and the integrity of married life," it rejected the encyclical's conclusion "that all methods of conception control other than abstinence from sexual intercourse or its confinement to the periods of infecundity are contrary to the 'order established by God'.
whether the prevalence of contraceptive use, unmet need, no need and infecundity among 20-24-year-olds in a country's first survey differed from the prevalence among 20-24-year olds in subsequent surveys).
In fact, some pro-Israeli writers and analysts have started a campaign in a bid to prove the infecundity of the Two-State solution.
Recently, most of young couples are wrongly informed that there is no problem to delay their pregnancy and parenthood to the age of 35 or above and it is worse that they are mistakenly advised that development in advanced reproductive technologies can help them for recovery of age-related consequences of infecundity.
No postpartum infecundity period is allowed as many sample women conceive immediately after giving birth and many women in the United States do not breast feed, which shortens this period.
Rustein SO & Shah IH 2004, Infecundity, infertility and childlessness in developing countries.
elevate infecundity, waste, and sameness to requirements for the production of pleasure.
n] is the probability of pregnancy in month n, b is the probability a pregnancy is brought to term, f is the monthly failure rate, a is the gestation at time of induced or spontaneous abortion and i is nine months plus duration of postpartum infecundity.
It records childlessness, primary and secondary infertility, primary, secondary and self-reported infecundity, and trends in fertility.
I was astonished to learn that throughout their life they have lived on the margins of the society, most of them unmarried or dumped due to infecundity, but they demonstrated far more tenacity and courage than any other sufferers.