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1. Inappropriate; ill-chosen: an infelicitous remark.
2. Causing unhappiness; unfortunate: "This amazed and enraptured Tess, whose slight experiences had been so infelicitous till now" (Thomas Hardy).

in′fe·lic′i·tous·ly adv.
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Adv.1.infelicitously - in an infelicitous manner; "he chose his words rather infelicitously"
felicitously - in a felicitous manner; "a not felicitously chosen word"
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I personally prefer the explanation of the University of Virginia political scientist Larry Sabato, who infelicitously draws a parallel to China's Great Cultural Revolution: "True believers want a little red book to wave in the air while they chant the name of their chosen leader.
The referendum question, although infelicitously worded, wasn't all that difficult to understand.
Indeed, as New York Times critic Holland Cotter noted, the Guggenheim's showing was both a needed intervention and a "galling" "shame," offering a scaled-down version of an already partial survey that was infelicitously shoehorned into the museum's annexes rather than allowed to unfurl in Frank Lloyd Wright's coiled rotunda.
In the 1970s, the Court devised a third, intermediate level of scrutiny: classifications based on sex or illegitimacy are what has been infelicitously called "quasi-suspect"; they "will survive equal protection scrutiny to the extent they are substantially related to a legitimate state interest.
The true explanation, Eberstadt argues, inheres in what she infelicitously calls "the Family Factor.
Either because the translator/interpreter was unfamiliar with the epistemic context shared by the interlocutors or because he/she (un)voluntarily decided to adopt a verbatim mediation strategy, several terms and expressions were rendered infelicitously, thus paving the way for the investigation unit to incriminate the defendants and strive to construct a credible story of international terrorism.