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1. Low or lower in order, degree, or rank: Captain is an inferior rank to major.
a. Low or lower in quality, value, or estimation: inferior craft; felt inferior to his older sibling.
b. Second-rate; poor: an inferior translation.
3. Situated under or beneath.
4. Botany Located below the perianth and other floral parts. Used of an ovary.
5. Anatomy Located beneath or directed downward.
6. Printing Set below the normal line of type; subscript.
7. Astronomy
a. Orbiting between Earth and the sun: Mercury is an inferior planet.
b. Lying below the horizon.
1. A person lower in rank, status, or accomplishment than another.
2. Printing An inferior character, such as the number 2 in CO2.

[Middle English, from Latin īnferior, comparative of īnferus, low; see n̥dher- in Indo-European roots.]

in·fe′ri·or′i·ty (-ôr′ĭ-tē, -ŏr′-) n.
in·fe′ri·or·ly adv.
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The humeral head may be dislocated inferiorly to expose the glenoid, and if cut, the shaft is retracted posterior and inferior for glenoid exposure.
This difficulty is often due to the inability to access the base of the stalk because of the pedunculated body of the lesion, which often can hang inferiorly for several centimeters and take up the entire lumen of the ureter.
The space continues inferiorly through the diaphragmatic hiatus into the retroperitoneum.
Imaging showed a retrotracheal mass extending superiorly to the thyroid level and inferiorly to below the carina of the trachea.
The oral cavity proper lies behind the teeth and is bounded by the hard and soft palates superiorly, the tongue and the floor of the mouth inferiorly, and the entrance to the oropharynx posteriorly.
In the OR the patient was found to have necrotizing soft tissue involving the left abdominal wall that extended from the groin inferiorly to the midline medially.
For the first treatment, 2 lesions were made moving superiorly to inferiorly separated by 1 cm, while the second treatment used 2 lesions along the same trajectory separated by 1 cm medially to laterally (Figure 1).
Indirect ophthalmolscopy of the peripheral fundus revealed the appearance of a white plaque overlying the pars plana, most prominent inferiorly.
Salah said this exists because entrenched customs and traditions view women inferiorly.
In this position, the operator's external hand--holding the camera--is now deviated inferiorly and to the left side of the patient.
4) Urachal tumours arise in the juxtavesical portion of the urachus and extend inferiorly into the bladder and superiorly towards the umbilicus.
For example, if the person indicates that the top smiley face is the clearest, this is the area to be stimulated, so the person will be required to look approximately 7 degrees inferiorly for the purposes of training in eccentric viewing.