infinite regress

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n.1.(Philosophy, Logic) A causal relationship transmitted through an indefinite number of terms in a series, with no term that begins the causal chain.
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An astute commentator on a previous draft observed that universal partial ownership of individuals by other individuals might imply an infinite regress.
1] must be a necessary being, otherwise its own individuality will need to be explained and an infinite regress of causation is impossible.
It was like wanting to plunge through the infinite regress of nurses holding trays of cocoa down to the tiniest nurse's tray, where you will find the tin that you once had to give away when you had to leave another city you loved.
But trying to justify everything threatens to generate an infinite regress, and the only way of halting the looming regress is an appeal to something self-justifying--Platonic forms, God, self-evident principles, or the immediately given in experience.
In particular, the notion of the impossibility of an infinite regress in cause and effect, integral to the proofs of the existence of God and to the argumentation in the treatise on beatitude, has its origins in Aristotle, as does Aquinas's hylomorphic conception of human nature.
For idealists, of course, these sordid manifestations might not qualify as "love" in the first place, but restricting them from our definition leaves us with either crude tautology (only ideal love is real love) or infinite regress (love is not obsession, not sentimentality, not insidiousness.
The topics are defense of voluntariness, a theological perspective, infinite regress, bad luck and compatibilism, determinism and criminal responsibility, whether neuroscience undermines retributive justice, punishment and free will in legal theory and classical Christian theology, alternative possibilities, and what logic of action says about responsibility and free will.
Any attempt to replace the belief in God the Uncreated as Creator by an atheistic explanation seems to end in something like belief in an infinite regress.
Reflection and infinite regress, both recurring procedures, demonstrate the fundamental openness of this approach to painting that is oriented toward its realization, which the embedded photographs stage, rather than document, in a game of peekaboo.
This leads to infinite regress, something Dawkins has argued against many times.
Think of the infinite regress you get when youAAEre caught between two mirrors, and how unstable that can make you feel about your place in the world.
It will be deja vu in infinite regress for long-time students of police matters in Guatemala, but more recent arrivals to the genre might be interested to learn that some of the highest-ranking officers of the Policia Nacional Civil (PNC) have been fired for suspected involvement in drug trafficking.