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1. Immeasurably or incalculably minute.
2. Mathematics Capable of having values approaching zero as a limit.
1. An immeasurably or incalculably minute amount or quantity.
2. Mathematics A function or variable continuously approaching zero as a limit.

[From New Latin īnfīnītēsimus, infinite in rank, from Latin īnfīnītus, infinite; see infinite.]

in′fin·i·tes′i·mal·ly adv.


[ˌɪnfɪnɪˈtɛsɪməli] adv
infinitesimally small → infinitésimalement petit(e)


adv smaller, better, slowernur ganz geringfügig; smallzum Verschwinden
References in classic literature ?
Only by taking infinitesimally small units for observation (the differential of history, that is, the individual tendencies of men) and attaining to the art of integrating them (that is, finding the sum of these infinitesimals) can we hope to arrive at the laws of history.
To study the laws of history we must completely change the subject of our observation, must leave aside kings, ministers, and generals, and the common, infinitesimally small elements by which the masses are moved.
Now, all our lines are EQUALLY and INFINITESIMALLY thick (or high, whichever you like); consequently, there is nothing in them to lead our minds to the conception of that Dimension.
It would, we reckoned, make four infinitesimally small meals for each of us, enough, say, to support life for a couple of days.
Natural selection can act only by the preservation and accumulation of infinitesimally small inherited modifications, each profitable to the preserved being; and as modern geology has almost banished such views as the excavation of a great valley by a single diluvial wave, so will natural selection, if it be a true principle, banish the belief of the continued creation of new organic beings, or of any great and sudden modification in their structure.
It was he who had kept up an unaccountable and close correspondence with a young lady whose whole letter-bag was intercepted, by the extraordinary trick of photographing his messages infinitesimally small upon the slides of a microscope.
The calling card of Richard Mille is the brand's ability to partner with people (pole vaulters, competitive cyclists) with extremely specific needs, and fashion a timepiece that fills that infinitesimally small niche.
The planet slows down infinitesimally every 30 years or so.
Roger Higgins: "Knee jerk reaction to infinitesimally small likelihood of terror attack.
Though if normal savings only give you a marginal gain over Premium Bonds, and you value the thrill and that infinitesimally small chance of winning a million, it's not too bad to stick with them.
Two huge L-shaped detectors in the US that together comprise Ligo, the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory, measured the infinitesimally small echo of the black holes crashing together and merging, 1.
The illegal sale of food stamps is at infinitesimally low levels - about 1 percent, according to the USDA.