inflammatory disease

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Noun1.inflammatory disease - a disease characterized by inflammation
disease - an impairment of health or a condition of abnormal functioning
NEC, necrotizing enterocolitis - an acute inflammatory disease occurring in the intestines of premature infants; necrosis of intestinal tissue may follow
gastroenteritis, intestinal flu, stomach flu - inflammation of the stomach and intestines; can be caused by Salmonella enteritidis
pelvic inflammatory disease, PID - inflammation of the female pelvic organs (especially the Fallopian tubes) caused by infection by any of several microorganisms (chiefly gonococci and chlamydia); symptoms are abdominal pain and fever and foul-smelling vaginal discharge
empyema - a collection of pus in a body cavity (especially in the lung cavity)
pleurisy - inflammation of the pleura of the lungs (especially the parietal layer)
pyelitis - inflammation of the renal pelvis
pharyngitis, raw throat, sore throat - inflammation of the fauces and pharynx
angina - any disease of the throat or fauces marked by spasmodic attacks of intense suffocative pain
arthritis - inflammation of a joint or joints
acne - an inflammatory disease involving the sebaceous glands of the skin; characterized by papules or pustules or comedones
inflammation, redness, rubor - a response of body tissues to injury or irritation; characterized by pain and swelling and redness and heat
urinary tract infection - any infection of any of the organs of the urinary tract
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If the source of the foreign protein was a bacterium or its toxin, a major inflammatory disease could result.
This study will evaluate whether VB-201 can provide an additive anti-inflammatory effect in patients for whom statins alone are not enough and thus test the hypothesis that VB-201 can work as a long-term controller medication for inflammatory disease.
Another major change includes additional data on ParaGard and the timing of the risk of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID).
Its novel mechanism of action and oral bioavailability are key differentiators for the inflammatory disease market," stated Dr.
3, 1993, provides protection for a family of long chain alcohols distinct from LIDAKOL(TM) in structure when used in a systematic formulation for the treatment of viral and inflammatory disease in both humans and animals.
In addition to activity in inflammatory disease, Gensia has demonstrated preclinical efficacy for second-generation ARAs for the treatment of cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and certain neurological diseases.
Our vision is to leverage the unique properties of stem cells and create a new treatment paradigm, applicable to a broad spectrum of inflammatory disease.
com) is working to introduce a new generation of therapies with enhanced targeting capabilities to treat different forms of cancer and inflammatory disease.
Our proprietary drug development pipeline is focused on the treatment of cancer and inflammatory disease and includes clinical candidates that are designed to regulate therapeutically important protein targets.
CIAS1-related Autoinflammatory Periodic Syndromes (CAPS) is a spectrum of rare inherited inflammatory conditions, including Familial Cold Autoinflammatory Syndrome (FCAS), Muckle-Wells Syndrome (MWS), and Neonatal Onset Multisystem Inflammatory Disease (NOMID).
These data provide strong support for advancing this first-in-class drug into patients to evaluate its efficacy against a broad range of inflammatory disease.
Radiologists, surgeons, nuclear medicine physicians, and other physicians from Europe, South America, Israel, and the US cover the epidemiology of infections; clinical aspects of bacterial osteomyelitis; and the radiological imaging and nuclear medicine imaging of osteomyelitis, spine infections, spondylodiscitis, soft tissue infections, abdominal infections and inflammatory disease, vascular graft infection, tuberculosis and HIV, and fever of unknown origin.

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