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Noun1.inflectional morphology - the part of grammar that deals with the inflections of wordsinflectional morphology - the part of grammar that deals with the inflections of words
morphology - studies of the rules for forming admissible words
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The second chapter provides a linguistic profile of the text, along with an inflectional morphology.
These are languages with rich inflectional morphology and as such they present a big problem for SMT.
For example, Aime Kahrik used it in her thesis dealing with Veps inflectional morphology (1980) and Jaan Oispuu in his thesis on Karelian inflectional morphology (1985).
Skinner (1957) also suggested that inflectional morphology correspond to both particular semantic characteristics of the entities referred to and proximal and/or distal associations between words.
Inflectional morphology is covered in just one and a half pages
Inflectional morphology, also called grammatical morphology, is concerned with affixes that have purely grammatical function.
The author shows the various ways in which inflectional morphology is realized on either the lexical verb or the auxiliary, or on both.
Yet, the inflectional morphology poses one of the frequently reported learning problems in ESL pedagogy (Makalela, 1999; Kachru, 1986; Lowenberg, 2002; Schmied, 1991).
Incorporation is thus typically reflected in inflectional morphology.
Livonian inflectional morphology is an extremely intriguing topic of research because Livonian exhibits both complicated variation of inflectional suffixes and a complicated system of morphophonological alternations.
Language-specific chapters examine translation of discourse particles in English and Swedish, the challenges of highly inflectional morphology in Polish-English corpora, the existential there-construction in Czech translation, the use of parallel corpora in Slovene-English translation, NP modification in English and Hungarian, the mandative subjunctive in French and its translations in English, "result" in English and Portuguese, and corpora for translators in Spain.
In the context of Turkish verbal inflectional morphology, the definition of a terminal suffix is given below: