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v. in·flect·ed, in·flect·ing, in·flects
1. To alter (the voice) in tone or pitch; modulate.
2. Grammar To alter (a word) by inflection.
3. To turn from a course or a specified alignment; bend.
v.intr. Grammar
1. To be modified by inflection.
2. To give all of the inflected forms of a word; to provide a paradigm.

[Middle English inflecten, to bend down, from Latin īnflectere : in-, in; see in-2 + flectere, to bend.]

in·flec′tive adj.
in·flec′tor n.
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On the two-dimensional page of printed music, the inflective instructions of the z-axis appear rather sparse and general when compared to the specificity found in the representation of rhythmic and pitch structures.
The sum of these activities, together with her own studio work, constitutes a mutually inflective practice in which Grabner's paintings, drawings, and prints mine the interstices of both material and social fabrics.
Marsten-Wilson performed a study on four participants with semantic deficit, which found only one with irregular inflective impairment, which, they argued, would not be possible under the single-system theory.
It is an inflective language with several analytical forms, three dialects, and German syntactical influence.
Approach to construction of automatic morphological analysis systems for inflective languages with little effort.