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adj. Biology
Bent or turned abruptly inward: inflexed sepals.

[From Latin īnflexus, past participle of īnflectere, to bend; see inflect.]


(Biology) biology curved or bent inwards and downwards towards the axis: inflexed leaves.



Biol. inflected; bent or folded downward or inward.
[1655–65; < Latin inflex(us), past participle of inflectere to bend in]
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Conversely, the election outcome represented a crushing defeat for its enemies and even the sign of a racially inflexed class-consciousness.
Among central European species it belongs to the largest one; it is characteristic by femur IV with one or more dorsal spines and by remarkably parallel lateral margins of cephalic part of carapace; the males are characteristic by inflexed distal division of the bulbus; the females are characteristic by proximally situated, wide, equally incurved spermatheca and by endogynal ventral arch with remarkable shoulders.
Meanwhile, dregs and sediment, as recycling by-products, are inflexed with addictives to make contemporary materials necessary for cement production.