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1. Not easily bent; stiff or rigid. See stiff.
2. Incapable of being changed; unalterable: an inflexible rule.
3. Refusing to change one's attitude, purpose, or principles; immovable: an inflexible disciplinarian.

in·flex′i·bil′i·ty, in·flex′i·ble·ness n.
in·flex′i·bly adv.
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Adv.1.inflexibly - in an inflexible manner; "`You will--because you must!,' Madam told her inflexibly"
flexibly - with flexibility; "`Come whenever you are free,' he said flexibly"
بِدون مُرونَه، بعنادَه
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(inˈfleksəbl) adjective
1. (of a person) never yielding or giving way.
2. not able to bend.
inˈflexibly adverb
inˌflexiˈbility noun
References in classic literature ?
And when after gaining his own deck, and his own pivot-hole there, he so vehemently wheeled round with an urgent command to the steersman (it was, as ever, something about his not steering inflexibly enough); then, the already shaken ivory received such an additional twist and wrench, that though it still remained entire, and to all appearances lusty, yet Ahab did not deem it entirely trustworthy.
Her figure was elegant, and she walked well; but Darcy, at whom it was all aimed, was still inflexibly studious.
Phillips might not be a very good teacher; but a pupil so inflexibly determined on learning as Anne was could hardly escape making progress under any kind of teacher.
He never gave reasons for this persistent refusal, but contented himself by resolutely and inflexibly adhering to his determination.
Then, all at once, it struck Phoebe that this very Judge Pyncheon was the original of the miniature which the daguerreotypist had shown her in the garden, and that the hard, stern, relentless look, now on his face, was the same that the sun had so inflexibly persisted in bringing out.
Her heart, which had been in the right place throughout, remained inflexibly in the right place still.
I promise you that to make up for her want of loyalty, I will be most inflexibly severe;" then casting an expressive glance at his betrothed, which seemed to say, "Fear not, for your dear sake my justice shall be tempered with mercy," and receiving a sweet and approving smile in return, Villefort quitted the room.
No Puseyite,[1] or conservative of any school, was ever more inflexibly attached to time-honored inconveniences than Dinah.
She used to be pliability itself, but she was now inflexibly passive in her resignation--I might almost say in her despair.
That my constituents have stood for me amid the persecution maliciously imputed on me, is enough consolation that my mandate in my district is inflexibly respected by the people who have reposed their trust on me," Floirendo added.
Szijjrt said there also exists a nightmare scenario which would occur if the European Commission were to negotiate inflexibly or were to regard certain revenge criteria as being more important than constructive negotiation.
His rock-steady singing was impressive in its way, but the opera loses something if Germont is just inflexibly sung as an inflexible character.