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tr.v. in·flict·ed, in·flict·ing, in·flicts
1. To cause (something injurious or harmful), as to a person, group, or area: claws that inflicted a deep wound; an attack that inflicted heavy losses; a storm that inflicted widespread damage.
2. To force to undergo or experience (something unwanted): "the piano lessons he inflicted on his son" (Christopher Miller).
3. To deal or deliver (a blow, for example).

[Latin īnflīgere, īnflīct- : in-, on; see in-2 + flīgere, to strike.]

in·flict′er, in·flic′tor n.
in·flic′tive adj.
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A Dingle-an-sich in hot pursuit of the Dingle-ling-an-sich he pines for completion by another, but this masks a fact at least as crucial to the story's support system as the Godelian umbilical linking the affictive quo est of Barry's toe to the inflictive quod est of his homunculoid love.