influence peddler

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influence peddling

The practice of using one's influence with persons in authority to obtain favors or preferential treatment for another, usually in return for payment.

influence peddler n.
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Noun1.influence peddler - someone who intervenes with authorities for a person in trouble (usually using underhand or illegal methods for a fee)
important person, influential person, personage - a person whose actions and opinions strongly influence the course of events
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MITT ROMNEY has ripped into Republican rival Newt Gingrich attacking what he said was the former speaker of the House of Representatives' disgraced exit and subsequent work as a Washington influence peddler.
In the 15 years after he left the speakership, the speaker has been working as an influence peddler in Washington," the former governor said.
It is true that any Washington influence peddler is going to spread cash and favors as widely as possible, and 210 members of Congress have received Abramoff-connected dollars.
Sponsors betting: 11-2 Smarty, 6-1 Narrow Water (with a run), 7-1 Ardent Scout, 8-1 Church Place, Gower-Slave, 10-1 Meadowbank, Paddy's Return, Storm Damage, 12-1 Bindaree, Moral Support, 14-1 Skillwise, The Last Fling, 16-1 Village King, 20-1 Kadou Nonantais, Kildorragh, Lance Armstrong, Native King, Scotton Green, Zaggy Lane, 25-1 Amberleigh House, Scotmail Boy, 33-1 Fornaught Alliance, Young Tomo, 40-1 No Retreat, 66-1 Kings Cherry, 100-1 Influence Peddler, 500-1 Maidstone Magnet.
Tote: 11-2 Smarty, 6 Narrow Water (with a run), 7 Ardent Scout, 8 Church Place, Gower-Slave, 10 Meadowbank, Paddy's Return, Storm Damage, 12 Bindaree, Moral Support, 14 Skillwise, The Last Fling, 16 Village King, 20 Kadou Nonantais, Kildorragh, Lance Armstrong, Native King, Scotton Green, Zaggy Lane, 25 Amberleigh House, Scotmail Boy, 33 Fornaught Alliance, Young Tomo, 40 No Retreat, 66 Kings Cherry, 100 Influence Peddler, 500 Maidstone Magnet.
A review of filings under new federal lobbying disclosure laws reveals that for members of Congress, staffers and high-ranking federal employees, public service is often merely a midway stop on the journey to a more lucrative career as beltway influence peddler.
Though there is no physical resemblance in the image, Hart identifies with the role as she does in Self-portrait as Influence Peddler (all works 1993), and Self-portrait as President Card.
Internet Editor and Republican Corruption Fighter Andy Martin Requests Criminal Investigation Into 'Deal' Between Senator Barack Obama and Indicted Influence Peddler Tony Rezko
They may not be at the level of Armand D'Amato," says one former New York prosecutor, referring to the Long Island influence peddler and brother of Senator Al, "but they are not far behind.
His example activated citizens across the nation to fight the corporate world, the oppressive politician, the high-paid influence peddler.
But by 1941 Corcoran had embarked on a career that would gain him a more dubious distinction as the prototype modern lobbyist and influence peddler.
Under the influence of highly paid influence peddlers hired by Boeing, DTSC has been finding ways to undo legal agreements signed by regulators under the previous administration to thoroughly clean up the site, which threatens the health of half a million people who live within ten miles of it.