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Noun1.influential person - a person whose actions and opinions strongly influence the course of eventsinfluential person - a person whose actions and opinions strongly influence the course of events
adult, grownup - a fully developed person from maturity onward
big cheese, big deal, big enchilada, big fish, big gun, big shot, big wheel, head honcho - an important influential person; "he thinks he's a big shot"; "she's a big deal in local politics"; "the Qaeda commander is a very big fish"
celebrity, famous person - a widely known person; "he was a baseball celebrity"
titan, behemoth, colossus, giant, heavyweight - a person of exceptional importance and reputation
elder statesman - any influential person whose advice is highly respected
eminence grise - (French) a person who exercises power or influence in certain areas without holding an official position; "the President's wife is an eminence grise in matters of education"
Excellency - a title used to address dignitaries (such as ambassadors or governors); usually preceded by `Your' or `His' or `Her'; "Your Excellency"
fixer, influence peddler - someone who intervenes with authorities for a person in trouble (usually using underhand or illegal methods for a fee)
heavy hitter - an influential person who works hard to promote the causes they are interested in
hierarch - a person who holds a high position in a hierarchy
high-muck-a-muck, pooh-bah - an arrogant or conceited person of importance
kingmaker - an important person who can bring leaders to power through the exercise of political influence; "the Earl of Warwick was the first kingmaker"
bigwig, kingpin, top banana - the most important person in a group or undertaking
magnifico - a person of distinguished rank or appearance
public figure, name, figure - a well-known or notable person; "they studied all the great names in the history of France"; "she is an important figure in modern music"
nepotist - a powerful person who shows favoritism to relatives or close friends
policy maker - someone who sets the plan pursued by a government or business etc.; "policy makers often make the right decision for the wrong reason"
power broker, powerbroker - a person who is important by virtue of the people or votes they control; "a power broker who does you a favor will expect you to return it"
sacred cow - a person unreasonably held to be immune to criticism
sirdar - an important person in India
socialite - a socially prominent person
sun - a person considered as a source of warmth or energy or glory etc
dignitary, high muckamuck, high-up, panjandrum, very important person, VIP - an important or influential (and often overbearing) person
worthy - an important, honorable person (word is often used humorously); "he told his story to some conservative worthies"; "local worthies rarely challenged the chief constable"
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He had learned that Dantes had been taken to prison, and he had gone to all his friends, and the influential persons of the city; but the report was already in circulation that Dantes was arrested as a Bonapartist agent; and as the most sanguine looked upon any attempt of Napoleon to remount the throne as impossible, he met with nothing but refusal, and had returned home in despair, declaring that the matter was serious and that nothing more could be done.
Well, then," after receiving a smile from the young man, "to- morrow morning I will send a petition to one of the most influential persons at the ministry of War,--a man who will refuse nothing to the daughter of the Baron di Piombo.
A list of influential persons who had increased their subscriptions so as to cover the cost, and a brief statement of the progress already made with the new work, completed the appeal, and brought the circular to its end.
Last year's speakers included Alexander Asseily, co-founder of Jaw Bone, named the 33rd most influential person in Silicon Valley, and Ramzi Rizk, co-founder of EyeEm, a Berlin-based photo-sharing social network akin to Instagram, that has recently raised $18 million in new venture funding.
The spots raided included the residence of a highly influential person belonging to a political party, a general hospital and an illegally run RO filter plant, said a press release.
The Social Buzz Top 50 named Bruce Daisley, managing director of Twitter UK, as the most influential person in social media marketing in the UK.
According to sources, he soon had an affair with the daughter of the director of the school who is an influential person.
Richard Lindstrom named fourth most influential person in Ophthalmology
Elizabeth was named Most Influential Woman in Asset Management in 2009, CEO of the Year in 2011 and Most Influential Person in Asset Management in 2012 by Financial News.
He is a hugely influential person for me in a rugby sense and off the pitch as well and I learn a hell of a lot from him every day.
New Rasmussen poll shows Ted Cruz is third most influential person to Americans (Houston Chronicle): "Eleven percent of Americans think Texas Sen.
It's a great feeling when you know that you're an influential person in the world, but it's a privilege to actually be acknowledged for it.