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Having or exercising influence.
One that is of considerable importance or influence: sought the advice of policy influentials.

in′flu·en′tial·ly adv.
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Adv.1.influentially - exerting influence
بصورةٍ مؤَثِّرَه
á áhrifamikinn hátt
etkili/tesirli bir şekilde


(ˈinfluəns) noun
1. the power to affect people, actions or events. He used his influence to get her the job; He should not have driven the car while under the influence of alcohol.
2. a person or thing that has this power. She is a bad influence on him.
to have an effect on. The weather seems to influence her moods.
ˌinfluˈential (-ˈenʃəl) adjective
having much influence. He is in quite an influential job; He was influential in getting the plan accepted.
ˌinfluˈentially adverb
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Hence, he said, comes the important role of the private sector, most influentially banks and communications companies, to accommodate those job-seekers.
Domoto to start up the organization to carry out training to improve women's abilities in disaster risk reduction and in speaking influentially.
com)-- Proudly Canadian owned and operated, Daly Administrative Solutions was founded with the goal of becoming an influentially green company, using skills, resources and contacts to assist other Canadian businesses with their green initiatives while simultaneously aiding their productivity and bottom lines.
Stylistically, though, the film shows a clear awareness of gaze theory and gender as initially and influentially theorized by Laura Mulvey.
15) It has often been combined with a view the conservative economist Joseph Schumpeter influentially expressed: that, while judgment tends to be eminently rational in economic matters that affect one's self, political judgment is a domain of fantasy, projective speculation, and emotionally driven illogic.
Influentially, Bancel (2015) has recanted his earlier support for a real effect of global consciousness and comes out (guardedly) in favor of epsi.
Secretary of the council Hessameddin Vaezzadeh said his organization would act influentially at the international level.
In so doing, she offers a refreshed focus on mid-century humanist texts by Roger Ascham, Thomas Elyot, and Thomas Wilson, noting that even when these writers are ostensibly concerned with proper Latinity, their works are also influentially reinventing what it means to speak English.
Greene influentially redefined the humanist program of classical recovery to emphasize a story of historical loss--specifically, the loss of the stable authority and unified body of knowledge that came with the renaissance discovery of an older world in fragments.
Furthermore, Blived and his colleagues on 2002 found that soil equipment by surface geosynthetics can influentially reduce the occurrence possibility of some serious incidents due to settlement of ditchs under the railway embankments and crossroads.
Now, significantly, this is not an argument for the restoration of traditional communities with high levels of mechanical solidarity (Durkheim, 1933) and the repressive dominance of the majority or the patriarchal family, although some conservatives have influentially adopted that position.
In 1993, rhetoric and discourse studies scholar Aviva Freedman influentially argued that "explicit teaching is unnecessary" and nearly impossible anyway (226): writers routinely learn to produce genres by gradually becoming attuned to the constraints and expressive opportunities of a particular social situation, rather than by being taught to follow a set of rules.