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Having or exercising influence.
One that is of considerable importance or influence: sought the advice of policy influentials.

in′flu·en′tial·ly adv.
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Adv.1.influentially - exerting influence
بصورةٍ مؤَثِّرَه
á áhrifamikinn hátt
etkili/tesirli bir şekilde


(ˈinfluəns) noun
1. the power to affect people, actions or events. He used his influence to get her the job; He should not have driven the car while under the influence of alcohol.
2. a person or thing that has this power. She is a bad influence on him.
to have an effect on. The weather seems to influence her moods.
ˌinfluˈential (-ˈenʃəl) adjective
having much influence. He is in quite an influential job; He was influential in getting the plan accepted.
ˌinfluˈentially adverb
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Gulf individuals' net profit-booking grew influentially to QR3.
Domestic institutions' net selling declined influentially to QR14.
He praised the young revolutionary individuals, who continue to celebrate and act upon revolutionary values, by stating: "The fact that, after 38 years, the youth--who never met Imam Khomeini and didn't experience the holy defense era or the revolution--can be so zealous and influentially act (make a difference) in the region is truly a miracle of the Islamic Revolution.
While it's impact is still felt culturally, it turns out it was just as influentially historically, in solving some of the remaining questions surrounding the Titanic's tragedy.
In 1991, Benedict Anderson argued influentially that newspapers produce and reflect a national consciousness among readers who have no visible, tangible relationship with one another.
The Indian philosopher and economist Amartya Sen, although a Nobel laurate for his work in economics, is perhaps less well known but has written influentially on the morality of social welfare.
Whittingham looked emotional - certainly for a player who rarely gives much away - but no-one bar him can be sure if his disappointment and frustration was at his own performance, the decision to bring him off, or the situation as a whole and his potential last act at a ground where he has performed so influentially so often.
Explicitly drawing inspiration from the late Madeleine Doran (initially herself an advocate of revision) and from Richard Knowles (staunchly and influentially opposed to revision), whose New Variorum edition of King Lear, soon to be published, was made available to him in manuscript, Vickers offers another interpretation of the two printings.
Clear's merits behind the scenes variously and progressively at Lotus, Williams and Benetton before his capture by Ferrari resulted influentially in earning world titles for Michael Schumacher, Jacques Villeneuve and Lewis Hamilton, as their personal engineer, as well as giving David Coulthard, 13 times a winner, Rubens Barrichello and Nico Rosberg valuable backing.
However, adding the minimalism of sending messages via a mobile phone and linking together with the competence of using the internet contribute influentially to make your business more available and observable to your existing and potential targeted clients.
In the 1990s, Nowotny was part of a group of scholars in Science and Technology Studies (STS) who influentially described the changing relationship between science and society.
We are too good to shuffle off to the international sidelines, impoverished economically, culturally and influentially.