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A visual representation of information or data, such as a chart or a map, especially of information that is more easily imparted by such a representation than by written text.

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Muscat: Muscat Media Group (MMG) launched the first ever infographic book at this year's Muscat International Book Festival.
Cool Infographics provides teachers with not only free access to a huge compilation of useful infographics, but also a long list of links to other infographics and data-visualisation blogs, free infographic submission sites, and self-publishing sites that allow teachers and students to create a free account and upload their own infographics to share.
They have added an infographic titled "How to Use Scissor Lifts Safely" that creatively displays the importance of safety training when operating a scissor lift.
28 -- IT & Digital marketing company Dot Com Infoway (DCI) has recently released an infographic titled, 'Why Users Uninstall Your App'.
You may be an expert in creating custom infographic design, but sometimes comprehending your target audiences expectations can get confusing.
Anew, interactive rent forecasting infographic for the apartment industry is available to industry investors, residents and prospects.
Alcohol affects men and women differently, and this infographic from Visually depicts how alcohol abuse is different for females.
UKPRwire, Fri Nov 25 2016] Infographic animation can convey information succinctly and convincingly.
Tenders are invited for Provision of Individual Consultant- Infographic Designer.
First, you have to explore what story you want to tell, then hunt down the data from specific people within your organization, and, finally, prepare the infographic that people will want to see.
org, to view the infographics and was amazed how well each infographic panel was put together.
See the infographic below for more details about the distribution of multigeneration households in the United States: