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(used with a singular verb) The practice or profession of using graphics such as charts or maps to convey quantitative information.

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The free Get Ready infographics can be printed, emailed or posted on websites as educational tools.
Tenders are invited for Infographics and data visualisation framework contract.
In 1982, when USA Today debuted and first began to present its data-driven "Snapshots" as a key component of its editorial mix, these perky charts and graphs (no one called them infographics yet) were often derided as a primary symptom of journalism's decline, a way to make trivial information significant, important enough for inclusion on the front page.
If you've been noticing the mad rush to communicate through infographics, you're not alone.
Cochrane is a former Newcastle College student who started by creating print infographics for the Sunday Times and Observer before spending a decade at BBC News Interactive.
The students, both 20, studying for HNDs in newspaper design and infographics, will join a group of just 15 people at the Institute's state-of-the-art visual journalism laboratory this summer.
AmeriHealth NJ today released a series of visual infographics in an effort to provide consumers with important information in an easy-to-understand way.
Infographics are a great way to present ideas in a way that's quickly consumed and remembered.
CSOdessa has launched anew setoflibraries thatoffers acomplete solution forproducing high-quality typographic infographics forsocial media, presentations, educational material, oranyother purpose thatyou d use typography ininfographicsfor.
Information Design Firm Funnel Incorporated Creates High Utility Infographics Designed to Optimize Marketing Resources
Branding is an essential part of any marketing campaign, and infographics allow businesses to show their industry expertise while helping their target audience.
com)-- CS Odessa is pleased to announce a new easy to use an infographics addition to ConceptDraw PRO v10, which is now available in ConceptDraw Solution Park.