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(used with a singular verb) The practice or profession of using graphics such as charts or maps to convey quantitative information.

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Over the years, our talented graphic team has produced intricate, award-winning infographics that capture fundamental aspects of Omani culture, from national dress to frankincense harvesting, cliff diving to preparing and serving khawa (coffee).
Infographics are a particularly cool and memorable way of transforming data into information for students, and make for great visual stimuli on classroom walls and pinboards.
Recently, the Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS) illustrated the disadvantages of free tuition through infographics.
While creating infographics, how difficult it gets to include all the elements that deem appealing to your customers?
Vidzpro video experts combine with graphic designers to create static as well as dynamic animated infographics videos that explain everything about a topic with the help of stunning animated charts, visuals, data and text along with audio and voice-overs.
1) Creating three (3) individual infographics for each of the Reports eight chapters.
I would like to comment on infographics available through APHA's Get Ready campaign, as mentioned in The Nation's Health.
Infographics are on the rise as a communication medium in libraries.
Librarians will find that this app is a good way to help users learn to navigate and interpret infographics.
com)-- To help create heightened awareness among consumers, a series of infographics focused on long term care insurance is being made available by the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance distributed information to news outlets explaining the benefits.
Creighton, a school library consultant, shows librarians how to create and use infographics in a school library program, including how to use them for instruction, event promotion, and advocating for staffing and funding.