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When not doing so himself, he may have some informant skulking about, in the person of a watchman, porter, or such-like hanger-on of Staple.
The people of the house--my informant talked with many of them--you know, one of those enormous houses of shame and misery.
When with due circumspection Napoleon was informed that Moscow was empty, he looked angrily at his informant, turned away, and silently continued to walk to and fro.
Questioning my informant about Alicia next, I found that he knew very little about her relations with her father in later years.
I dare say the resemblance is not so exact, though, as that your informant became known to you through a letter from a correspondent with whom he had deposited money?
I only repeat what I have been told, and like my informant I can do no more.
This, Captain Bonneville was assured by a veteran hunter in his company, was the great valley of the Seedske-dee; and the same informant would have fain persuaded him that a small stream, three feet deep, which he came to on the
For long I had known that Mary contemplated the writing of a book, my informant being David, who, because I have published a little volume on Military tactics, and am preparing a larger one on the same subject (which I shall never finish), likes to watch my methods of composition, how I dip, and so on, his desire being to help her.
If I had been told this morning that I should consent to consider you as a possible husband, I should have thought my informant a little crazy.
Tess had not at this hour the curiosity to ask why the present Mr Clare was not made a parson like his brethren, and gradually fell asleep again, the words of her informant coming to her along with the smell of the cheeses in the adjoining cheeseloft, and the measured dripping of the whey from the wrings downstairs.
The trooper thanks his informant and rides slowly on, looking about him.
He asked his informant, the butler, whether the doctor had been sent for.

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