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World Politics Simulations in a Global Information Age
The Cybernetics Moment: Or, Why We Call Our Age the Information Age
New Delhi, July 24 ( ANI ): With the United Nations recently soberly predicting that a reversal of the global downturn and recession cannot be expected due to factors like high unemployment, financial sector fragility, heightened sovereign risks, fiscal austerity, and low growth, an increasing need is being felt for trained manpower, appliances and tailored products to meet the demands of the post-2000 Information Age.
Entering the shift age; the end of the information age and the new era of transformation.
Summary: As Arab regimes struggle with demonstrations fueled by Twitter and Al-Jazeera, and American diplomats try to understand the impact of WikiLeaks, it is clear that this global information age will require a more sophisticated understanding of how power works in world politics.
Information Age Transformation: Getting to a 21st Century Military by David S.
Have globalization and the information age changed the basic nature of strategic leadership?
If the Information Age is barely upon us, the same is true for the "revolution in military affairs" (RMA).
Business, technology, and web development expert Gerald Everett Jones presents an updated second edition of How to Lie with Charts, a must-read for everyone in the information age.
Dark Hero of the Information Age recounts his life and discoveries--and the consequences of his discoveries.
Pink, who recently published A Whole New Mind--Moving from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age, says physicians and physician leaders need to stand back and take a longer view of medicine and health care.
We grew up in the information age, so Internet chatting, blogging, sharing, and advertising are second nature.

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