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Noun1.information bulletin - a bulletin containing the latest information
bulletin - a brief report (especially an official statement issued for immediate publication or broadcast)
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Over the past 95 years, the original purpose of the information bulletin has not changed.
Deborah Hunt, CSL's account manager, commented: 'To save users even more time, we offer an information bulletin service whereby clients can nominate a number of commodities, contaminants and/or countries, then FC24 emails them when there is a new alert.
Twenty years later, to coincide with the organizational change that created the Bureau of Naval Personnel, the title was changed to Bureau of Naval Personnel Information Bulletin.
The notice also indicated that a revision to CRA's technical information bulletin B-032R, Registered Pension Plans, would be sufficient to address this issue.
Eight workers died in these incidents, according to OSHA's Safety and Health Information Bulletin.
Twenty years ago, while practicing law, he became a passive investor in a firm producing one custom newsletter for accounting firms, one that had been published since 1952, The Client Information Bulletin.
The June 1973 issue of the SWP's Internal Information Bulletin states: "As Marxists, we do not believe in individual terror because it underrates the class struggle.
But Ms Harvey enjoyed posing as The Weakest Link presenter for the cover photograph of the latest information bulletin from BBC Wales.
AN e-mail-based twice-daily information bulletin launched by First Great Western has signed up its 1,000th subscriber.
The National Spa & Pool Institute's Chemical Treatment and Processing Committee has completed an information bulletin on hypersensitivity pneumonitis--also known as "lifeguard lung"--and should have the information available to the public soon.
IN HIS information bulletin for August, Bob Ainsworth MP (Lab, Coventry North-east) asks why the Hippodrome is such an important issue for Coventry people, when in his view it is not.
Zdorov'e naseleniya I sreda obitaniya (Population Health and Environment), Monthly Information Bulletin, Federal Center of Sanitary and Epidemic Surveillance, Ministry of Public Health of the Russian Federation, No.

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