information bureau

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Felix will edit the jokes and the Information Bureau, and Cecily must be fashion editor.
10 /PRNewswire/ -- A free test available on the Lutein Information Bureau web site, http://www.
The officers of Press Information Bureau need to be empowered and given timely information.
The Perchlorate Information Bureau believes public health is of the utmost importance.
Publishers Information Bureau (PIB), founded in 1947, is the premier source of consumer magazine advertising spending and related data.
Carol Sullivan, executive director of the German Wine Information Bureau, reports excellent wines from the Riesling grape and a good number of sweet, ripe wines, while the earlier, rained-upon varietals are of average quality.
Insurance companies report all applications and offers to the Medical Information Bureau (MIB).
The Western Aerosol Information Bureau (WAIB) will hold its 29th annual meeting at the Embassy Suites, Napa Valley, CA, Sept.
The National Charities Information Bureau, which monitors nonprofits, says that except in extreme cases--like that of William Aramony, the former United Way leader who was paid $463,000 before resigning in disgrace in 1992 and being convicted in 1995 of defrauding the charity--it's more important to look at a charity's overall spending patterns than the salary of its chief executive.
Boozers should eat fruit before and after drinking, said the Fresh Fruit And Vegetable Information Bureau.
DAV already had met the standards of the National Charities Information Bureau and the Council of Better Business Bureaus' Foundation's Philanthropic Advisory Service that were in place before the merger of these two groups.

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