information gathering

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Noun1.information gathering - the act of collecting information
military operation, operation - activity by a military or naval force (as a maneuver or campaign); "it was a joint operation of the navy and air force"
intelligence activity, intelligence operation, intelligence - the operation of gathering information about an enemy
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The commission voted to dip into its $634,000 Nuclear Waste Fund to support the information gathering efforts.
The Rfei Method Is No More Than An Information Gathering Tool And Such Information Gathered May Or May Not Be Used By The Padoc To Develop A Competitive Solicitation.
Shii said the GSDF's information gathering unconstitutionally infringes on people's privacy.
An important statistical relationship between information gathering and satisfaction exists: the more information-gathering tasks in which parents engage, the more likely they are to report high levels of satisfaction with their choice.
Beyond a statement characterizing the study as an "independent information gathering initiative" without political affiliation, St.
In a letter from TEI President Bernard, the Institute explained that the revised proposal "remains flawed, reflecting not a meaningful step toward uniformity among the states but rather the ill-advised pursuit of an excessive information gathering policy that would circumvent existing mechanisms to obtain taxpayer information and possibly spawn legal challenges to the MTC's and States' authority.
The MDSP guarantees that data collected by Genergy is accurate and valid, and eliminates the lengthy information gathering and certification process many users must undertake whenever they need to perform due diligence.
The USA PATROIT Act now requires that foreign intelligence information gathering be a "significant purpose.
Children use real-life information gathering tools, such as the Yellow and White Pages, to familiarize themselves with the community's geography, businesses and residents and to solve the mysteries.
Teens actively engaged in online shopping, news and information gathering, and downloading music and software via home Internet connections.

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