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Adj.1.informatory - providing or conveying information
instructive, informative - serving to instruct or enlighten or inform
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Tenders are invited for Providing & Fixing Road Side Furniture, 5 th Km Stones, 200 meters stones, Informatory and Cautionary sign Boards and safety items in Km.
On the said day informatory lectures on road safety were also conducted to the students of PAF Degree College and to the Motor Transport section of PAF Base by the officers of Motorway Police.
The best articles presented in the Seerat Conference may be broadcast and telecast on Radio and TV alongwith informatory introduction of best Seerat Books in Urdu, foreign and regional languages.
Apart from installing the required informatory signage to guide commuters, additional manpower would be deputed to guide the traffic.
He searches one informatory after another hunting the truth about his female lover and her family.
AaTurkey's Kazakhstan Ambassador Atilla Gunay, Kazakhstan Senate and International Relations Commission Chairman Kuansysh Sultanov, Kazakh Presidency Civilization Director and the Member of Turkic World Informatory Council Mirzabek Joldasbekov and TIKA Kazakhstan Coordinator Omer Kocaman were among to participants.
The structural elucidation of this copolymer has become an informatory approach for assessing the feasibility of their structure and applications.
A spokesman said: "Although members of the public may have noticed other non-prescribed signs on the roads within the force area, many of them were informatory signs, such as speed camera signs, or were additional signs such as 30mph signs on restricted roads.
64) Additionally, Article 41 allows reproducing a work "[f]or the purpose of reporting current events" as long as such reproduction is made "to the extent justified by the informatory purpose.