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(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) (esp in textual annotation) below; further on


(ˈɪn frə)

below, esp. when used in referring to parts of a text. Compare supra.
[1730–40; < Latin infrā; compare under]


a prefix meaning “below”: infrared; infrasonic.
[< Latin, representing infrā, adv. or preposition]
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Adv.1.infra - (in writing) see below; "vide infra"
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He thought it infra dig, and did not quite like appearing in society afterwards--that society in which he had been accustomed to pose up to now as a young man of rather brilliant prospects.
infra note 187, at 223 (stating merely that the Continental Congress was "adjourned," when it ended its final session because it was being replaced the following day by the Confederation Congress).
On 4 January, the Access Infra Africa consortium was prequalified by Egypt's Ministry of Electricity to develop large scale wind and solar power plants as part of the first round of Egypt's renewable energy procurement program.
Working with Aras gold certified partner Minerva, Cofely Energy & Infra will implement Aras Innovator[R] to standardize workflows and deliver significant infrastructure improvements in the areas of transport and traffic networks, oil & gas, water, marine & offshore, smart grids and more.
Dubai: JP Infra Mumbai Pvt Ltd, an Indian developer, recently organised a preview of its projects in Mumbai for investors in Dubai.
The Chairman of the Tender Board said that Infra Oman 2015 is a good evidence of the progress made by the Sultanate in attracting investment and promoting development.
Infra Oman is the largest gathA[degrees] ering of decision makers from across the infrastructure and energy sectors, including governA[degrees] ment representatives, developers and consultants.
The mutually beneficial program is designed to enable growth and development of both independent natural food stores and the INFRA organization itself.
The company will spend $500 million in the next three years on power generation plants, including in Egypt, Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Mozambique, Reda el-Chaar, executive chairman of Access Power MEA, the majority owner of Access Infra Africa, said, according to Reuters.
DG Infra does not rule out potential projects in Germany in due courseA either.
In addition, Mr Rob van Schravendijk - Director of Ballast Nedam Infra - has today been appointed Cluster Director for the Infra and Infra Special Projects clusters.
Delhi Metro will continue to pay salary to the ground staff hired by Reliance Infra for a month more, and then the staff will be truncated based on the requirement, said DMRC officials.