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tr.v. in·fract·ed, in·fract·ing, in·fracts
To infringe; violate.

[Latin īnfringere, īnfrāct-, to destroy; see infringe.]

in·frac′tor n.
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En líneas generales, la LORPM: a) creó un marco de responsabilidad penal para jóvenes (1); b) primaba por la reinserción social del joven infractor, según establece el Art.
UNICEF representative in El Salvador Juan Carlos Espinola said the law, which allows minors from 12 to 18 years of age to be tried as adults, is incompatible not only with the UN convention but also with El Salvador's Ley del Minor Infractor (youth-offender law) as well.
Miguel Escobar, spokesman for the Mexican Consulate in Los Angeles, said the Flores conviction proves that his government is "quite serious about prosecuting infractors of the law.