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Of a lower order than humans; subhuman.

in′fra·hu′man n.


another word for subhuman


(ˌɪn frəˈhyu mən; often -ˈyu-)

less than or lower than human; subhuman.
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Adj.1.infrahuman - belonging to a group below humans in evolutionary development; "infrahuman animals"
subhuman - less than human or not worthy of a human being; "treated natives as subhuman"; "a subhuman spectacle"; "the subhuman primates"
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If we extrapolate current trends in the performance and capacity of neural networks, infrahuman (that is able to most things that can do ordinary human being and may work as a robotic brain; but some complex creative activity is still beyond its abilities).
Jihadi John's hood functioned similarly in the UK to represent the war on terror's infrahuman, thereby legitimising the West's civilising mission.
The history of modern science teaches us that the merely human, cut off from spiritual tradition and the touch of transcendence, is unstable; it degenerates before long into the infrahuman and the absurd".
From the first workshop on abortion in 1988, when participants demanded the right to abortion as a reaction to the "numerous deaths of women due to the practice of abortion in infrahuman conditions," (41) this frame has appeared in each year we coded.
Infrahuman outgroup or suprahuman ingroup: The role of nationalism and patriotism in the infrahumanization of outgroups.
If you believe that at the moment of ensoulment God creates a specifically human immaterial soul for the previously infrahuman life-form, then you believe that God's creation is ongoing in the world today.
After empire, Gilroy contends, it is "the infrahuman political body of the immigrant rather than the body of the sovereign that comes to represent all the discomforting ambiguities of the empire's painful and shameful but apparently nonetheless exhilarating history" (100): the immigrant figures empire and its loss, even when that immigrant is not actually connected to the history of the empire at all--when, for example, the immigrant is white and from Eastern Europe.
By merging the insights of neocybernetics with narrative formalism, Clarke attempts to demonstrate that fictions of metamorphosis actively mediate the relation of the human to the infrahuman and ultrahuman systems that produce it.
Clarke quickly identifies, and often revisits, his two unifying themes: first, "cognitive inquiry and belief are to be understood in terms of their relation to purpose and action rather than as a means of simply satisfying intellectual curiosity" and, second, "relationships between belief, purpose, and action within us as individuals and within society at large have parallels in the infrahuman species from which we have evolved" (pp.
Their offense goes beyond that of crime; it enters the realm of what one would want to call the infrahuman, when in fact it is rooted in an all-too-human cruelty.
After introducing the basics of the use of infrahuman animal models for studying human psychiatric disease, they present current research on transgenic and knockout models leading to the analysis of neurocognitive dysfunction, including polyglutamate disorders, mental retardation, speech and language dysfunction, and autism.
lodge Hafnium humification infrahuman (2) Hahnium humanish W2 Helium