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Generating or using waves or vibrations with frequencies below that of audible sound.


(ˌɪn frəˈsɒn ɪk)

noting or pertaining to a sound wave with a frequency below the range of normally audible sound.
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Adj.1.infrasonic - having frequencies below those of audible sound
inaudible, unhearable - impossible to hear; imperceptible by the ear; "an inaudible conversation"


[ˈɪnfrəˌsɒnɪk] ADJinfrasónico
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The Volcanic Surveillance Center reported that seismic and infrasonic data suggests that ash disposal continued after the initial eruption.
1967) Infrasonic waves from the marine storm of April 7, 1966.
From the infrasonic frequencies (below human hearing) of baleen whales to the ultrasonic frequencies (above human hearing) used by toothed whales, the vocal and hearing range of whales is impressive, but it wasn't always so.
I spent hours scrolling through my Kaleidescape movie collection, picking scenes and sampling a few minutes here and there, each time marveling at the infrasonic information that the SB16-Ultra was able to squeeze from a scene, turning each viewing into something new, and making everything you watched that much more exciting.
The output frequency range is rated between 8 Hz and 100,000 Hz, ranging from the infrasonic range to well into the supersonic range.
It should be noted that for other reported wind tunnel data in the literature, these infrasonic measurements are usually made outside the flow core at the turntable center (X = 0 m).
LYT SONICs mission is to change the way home security is delivered, by integrating an innovative infrasonic detection technology into a smart LED bulb, to be easily plugged into any lamp holder end/or socket.
Seismic data from the TA have been utilized to determine source locations of infrasonic signals related to a wide variety of natural and anthropogenic sources at the free surface or in the atmosphere (Hedlin et al.
12 Ook het openingsgedicht van Hugo Claus' bundel tancredo infrasonic (1952), met een expliciete verwijzing naar de eerder gecomponeerde maar later gepubliceerde dichtbundel Een huis dat tussen nacht en morgen staat (1953), kan op die manier worden begrepen:
Second part of used database is formed by another 6 Czech male speakers recorded by microphone PCB 378B02 suitable for infrasonic applications and sound interface USB-9234 produced by National Instruments.
It is this maternal memory, this warm and still speaking cadaver, a body within my body, that resonates with infrasonic vibrations and data, stifled loves and flagrant conflicts, Gregorian chants and mercenary slogans, childhood affections and miserable brutalities, political, economic, and ideological nonsense, people adrift or ambitious brutes, the profiteers and the idle, hurried speculators, aimless individualists who know no shame, and you, the casualties of history who try to capture it without knowing how, invisible Bulgarians, undesirables, a blank spot on the geographical map somber Balkans pierced through by a lack of curiosity about the West, where I am.